Posted on December 18, 2018 at 7:02 am

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UA Exclusive| Yash: I am not very keen on getting into any other industry

Naveen Kumar Gowda famously known as Superstar Yash, is best known for his work in Kannada cinema. The actor is coming up with his next film KGF which is multilingual film. It will be dubbed into Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.


UrbanAsian got a chance to interview the amazing and talented actor Yash, who spoke about KGF being compared to Baahubali and how he loves promoting his movies.


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  1. Is KGF based or inspired from true events?


No. It is a fictional story but the backdrop is based on Kolar Gold Fields story. The gold mine part is real but the whole story is fictional.


  1. What was the process while shooting the film?


The challenges what we had were to create the 70’s – 80’s era. The mining locations where we had to shoot was a very difficult task because of the weather conditions. And especially the processed soil was not good so that was one thing that everyone was bothered about, luckily nothing happened.  The place was not very friendly for the shooting but with the help of the technicians we could pull it off. Other than that everything was fine.


  1. It’s been told that KGF is a high budget film ever made till now in Kannada, how do you feel about it- nervous, excited or both?


Both. (Laughs) Once you finish your film, it’s not going to change. You know what you have done and when you are confident about whatever you have done, just leave it to God and sit back and relax as an audience. And my job is to promote, reach out to the people and create an awareness about the movie and I am excited about that process. (Laughs)



  1. How are the promotions going on in Mumbai?


It is going great. People here are very synchronised.. Everything is organized so well. Reporters have watched the trailer, done their homework well and are very sweet. I am very happy to be in Mumbai.


  1. How much is Yash similar to Rocky in KGF?


Thus question arises everytime because I am somehow or the other related to every character that I have played till now, be it a bad character. (Laughs). Nobody is black or white here, it’s all grey.


  1. In 2008 you had played the role of Rocky and now after ten years in 2018 again you are playing a character names Rocky, how has the journey been?


It was fun. It feels like I have just started but when you look back you have passed 10 years which is hard to believe. It was a wonderful 10 years. People have given me everything. God has been very kind to me. It feels good. I feel that this is just small percentage of what I have done.


  1. The movie is being compared to Baahubali, which was a very big film and a big hit all over. What is your take on it?


I think they compare because of the scale. So that is ok but I feel our movie has got its own strength, entertainment which is quite different than Baahubali. Of course Baahubali changed a lot of things for the Indian Cinema. We thought KGF is that kind of film that has a good content and so we thought of a multilingual release.


  1. Any plans on getting to Bollywood soon?


I am not very keen on getting into any other industry. I am very happy with whatever I have got. My people in Karnataka have given me lots of love and respect. My idea is to reach out to more audience and for that you need to make bigger films. If that happens sitting in Karnataka also, I will do that. For that if I have to come and work in Mumbai, I will do that. Same time I also believe that Hindi film can be done in any part of the country. It is just about the language. I know the language of Cinema and that is what is important. That is my thought.


  1. What’s next?


Its KGF chapter 2. We have just shot 10% of it till now, we wanna increase the scale of Chapter 2.



Written and directed by Prashanth Neel, KGF starring Yash and Srinidhi Shetty under the banner of Hombale Films and Excel Entertainment is all set to hit screens on 21st December. 2018.

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