Posted on December 11, 2018 at 11:46 pm

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Soumita Saha Commemorates Human Right Day On Social Media

Soumita Saha Commemorates Human Right Day On Social Media

Human Rights Day is commemorated every year all over the world on 10th of December. It was first announced to be celebrated every year by the United Nations General Assembly on 10th of December in the year 1948. It is celebrated at this particular date annually to honor the United Nations General Assembly for declaring the human rights universally. Human rights day was officially established in the meeting of United Nations General Assembly on 4th of December in 1950.

Kolkata’s singing sensation of International fame Soumita Saha raises awareness about the right use of human rights through the social network. “One of the major goals of celebrating the human rights day is to eradicate the poverty from the life of human being and help them in getting the well-being life. Human rights day is celebrated by deciding a particular theme to make this celebration more effective and theme of 2018 is ‘Right to Peace’. One of the most important aspects of human life is peace, and we should know how to utilize the depth of Human Rights for maintaining peace.” adds the young singer.

Soumita is famous for voicing her opinion against various social issues. The young singing sensation’s international debut became a mega-hit this year, she has also lent her voice in various singles yet to be released from leading record labels of the country. She is fondly dubbed by media and audience as ‘Ishq Girl’ for her debut hit ‘ISHQ’. Soumita is not only one of the most talented international singer in the industry but her literary inclination also dragged her to the limelight. She is a talented poet who dedicated a beautiful poetry to the victim of Kathua Rape case.

The young singing sensation also adds “ If you want to be today’s ‘lady with the lamp’ try teaching people the right use of Human Rights. Humanity finds meaningful execution when you introduce people to Human Rights ”.

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