Posted on December 20, 2018 at 6:46 am

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Ranveer Singh And Pankaj Tripathi Show Much Admiration In These Pics

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Actors Ranveer Singh and Pankaj Tripathi are the two sides of the coin in Bollywood who represent different kinds of cinema in their own ways.


Ranveer Singh is a highly power-packed and electrifying performer in commercial Bollywood films whereas the versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi represents a very different kind of cinema that is content-based and appeals to the masses. Even though both the actors represent two different genres of cinema, they have immense love for each other as co-actors and as human beings. They do not shy away to showcase their love for each other on any platform.


Recently both Ranveer Singh and Pankaj Tripathi shared a shoot and they both couldn’t stop raving each other’s performances.

Pankaj had planned a much needed vacation with his family in Scotland ahead of the shoot. A day before leaving for the vacation, he met with an accident. He was left with bruises on his arms and shoulder and took minor medication. Without realising the intensity of his injuries, Pankaj left for Scotland. During the course of his vacation, he experienced serious abdominal pain and was told that he had fractured three ribs.

Speaking about it, Pankaj said, “I am taking precautions by not lifting weights, no sudden and harsh movements to avoid stress on ribs, I am taking all the precautionary measurements so that there is no pressure on my ribs. Even while shooting, the crew is taking care not to give me scenes or shots that require physical stress. Ranveer being so close, friendly and electrifying, is also taking care of my health and greets me from a distance. On the set, there is a physiotherapist who is helping me out with my injury”.


The duo surely has the charisma and zing to attract the audience towards them as well as showcasing their fondness towards each other. Here are some candid pictures from their meeting!


Ranveer Singh & Pankaj Tripathi

Ranveer Singh & Pankaj Tripathi

Ranveer Singh & Pankaj Tripathi

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