Posted on December 31, 2018 at 9:52 pm

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Kangana Ranaut Slams Karan Johar On Coffee With Karan

Kangana Ranaut Slams Karan Johar On Coffee With Karan

Kangana Ranaut celebrates her new year with family in her hometown Manali. But the year must not end without speaking of Kangana’s boldness. Did she slam Karan Johar on his own show on Coffee With Karan? Yes indeed. She did while leaving Karan speechless and apologetic! Well, they say every dog has his day and Kangana had hers!

But Karan did what a true director and producer would do. He put up the show for his audience. Here is the convo between two of the celebs!

Karan: Kangana as per your experience who has given you more unnecessary attitude. Male or female Artist?
Kangana: You Karan! In my biopic, you will play that stereotype Bollywood biggy who is very snooty and is completely intolerable, a flat barrier of nepotism, the movie mafia!

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Kangana further replies to Karan Johar for the same question as she blames him as a supporter of nepotism in Bollywood.

Kangna, also reminded the Famous director and producer Karan Johar how he made fun of her when she was new to the industry.

Here is a rapid-fire round for Kangana!

Karan: who according to you has verbal diarrhea?
Kangana: You!

Karan: What still in the industry puzzles you?
Kangana: Why people don’t talk about their relationships? Why don’t they talk about it? Who they are seeing or who are they getting married to? Why there is a cover-up?

Karan: what is one attitude that men need to change toward the woman in the industry?
Kangana: That women have low IQ.

Kangana is an independent actress who does not require another huge star to be in the film to make it successful. She carries a legacy of her own. She is the star. Karan questions Kangna who did she like to work out of three Khans Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Amir Khan? Kangna replied “NONE of them”.

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Kangna is a true legend and she slays with her looks and style each day. Does her honest and non-fabricated attitude keep her in limelight? Yes, for sure. But we absolutely love this celebrity and we wish her a very happy new year! And we hope Karan learned some more facts about himself? As they say…. every dog has his day!

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