Posted on December 7, 2018 at 12:14 pm

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Danielle Bellas ‘I Got This’ Hit Leaves us Speechless

Danielle Bellas ‘I Got This’ Track is more than just a song, It’s an Anthem!

Danielle Bellas 'I Got This'

Danielle Bellas known for her late 90s inspirational hit ‘Starships’, has released a song called ‘I Got This’. The musician teased us with some amazing R&B, Hip hop vibes this season. The song ‘I Got This’ has become an anthem for many as it had some inspirational lyrics that left many wanting more. The music video was released and it is so beautiful!

The track was released after Mental Health month but had much to do with mental health. The video showed so many people and their individual struggles. It depicted their own negative thoughts and fears. It was so beautiful that they embraced their fears and thoughts openly. Similarly, it is not easy to share our own stories. I personally felt that the chords could have been stronger on Danielle’s side but I fully support the message behind it.

Mental Health is not a stigma. I am so glad that we are shining a light on it! People often forget how these thoughts impact on others and our own relationships. Danielle Bellas motto for this amazing new track is ” No-one is alone in their pain. “

The young UK singer/songwriter says “I Got This is about turning negative thoughts into positive ones. There’s so much negativity in the world right now and it’s easy to get caught up in it. Music has always been a healer for me, so I’m hoping this song can remind people that there’s always something beautiful to focus on, something to be grateful for and a different way of looking at things, including ourselves.” 

Here are what some people had to say about the beautiful and soulful musician:

Danielle Bellas is a soulful artist channelling the R&B-tinged pop vibe of the mid-90s.’’ LittleGayBlog

“Starship can be compared to the earlier works of strong female artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. It takes you on a nostalgic and romantic journey, as it transports you into a world of glamour.” 1883 Magazine

“A sensuous desire and spark is present in Bellas’ foray into untested waters. Nowhere is this more evident than in the chorus, where delicately balanced vocal overlays lay you down and feed you oversized grapes while wafting you with a canopy of fig leaves from all angles.” Pointless Thoughts

‘I Got This’ is the third single from Danielle Bellas, co-written and produced by successful production duo Jud Mahoney and Natalie DeLucia (Michael Jackson, Brandy, Britney Spears). The single stays true to the artist’s unique twist of mid 90s R&B, which fans and media know her by. Be sure to watch the music video below:


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