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Anirudh Tanwar: I felt at the start that I might get intimated by Rishi Kapoor

Rajma Chawal – a film hoping to revive the relationship between a father and his resentful millennial son released recently on Netflix. The film stars debutant actor Anirudh Tanwar alongside Rishi Kapoor and Amyra Dastur.

Anirudh Tanwar
Anirudh Tanwar

We caught up with the pilot-turned-actor, Anirudh, and spoke to him about his career choices, Rajma Chawal, his take on social media and more.

Read on to know all Anirudh Tanwar had to share with us:

1. You were a pilot, so what made you decide to join films?
So basically, I always wanted to be an actor – now for what reason that I really don’t know. I was in the 9th standard I told my father I want to be an actor. I’m born and brought up in Jaipur, so then in those societies, it is not very taken at that time that you want to be an actor. So I said I want to be and actor and he said ‘You are a psychic. Are you sure you want to do it? Think about something else also’. And then I ended up being a pilot. And I was working and I was flying, everything was settled in my life.

That’s when I would see films and see theatre and say I want take one shot and try and give that final chance in my life to do what I really wanted to do. Because life is very blunt otherwise.

You know because when you have achieved what u want to achieve – obviously you never achieve all in life – but at some point you’ve settled in life. You’re going to office, your working, but there’s nothing happening in your life. Your life is phika.

So that when I decided, I spoke to my parents, I told them now I’ve done everything now I want to take that shot and go to Bombay and try doing it. Now I literally knew no one in the industry at that time. So I came here, I went on Google, I searched which institute to join, I joined Barry Jones kyuki I think Anupam Kherji ka class ka dategaya tha by then. So I joined that and that’s how my journey started. I was lucky enough that everybody supported me. I have something to fall back on too.

2. What about Rajma Chawal made you say yes to the script?
I had been looking for scripts and auditioning for films. And I was wanting to do a film in which I could perfectly fit in. Before Rajma Chawal I had got some scripts in which I had secondary or tertiary roles, which had some typical kind of story. When Leena told me a script of Rajma Chawal, I could actually connect to it because of which I could not say no to it.

3. How was it working with a veteran like Rishi Kapoor in your debut film?
It was a bit of nervousness and excitement. I felt at the start that I might get intimated by him because he is a legend and he is somebody who speaks his heart out. Because of this I was little scared at the start. But there is a scene which I had to shout on him and I told Leena how I could do that. So leena said just do that from your heart.

4. How was it working with director Leena Yadav?
She was amazing. I was working as an assistant with her on Parched but I was on the production department. But I knew her before only. I used to call her Leena ma’am but then she told me you have to call me Leena or else I cannot work with you. That is how our relationship started changing. She used to sit me for 3-4 hours everyday and help me build up my character. I never felt pressurized by her except for the crying scene.

5. Tell us about your character in Rajma Chawal
This guy is a little confused in his life. He knows what he wants to do in life but he doesn’t know the way to it. He loves people but something holds him back to show that love. The characters base line was that how in Indian society a relationship between a father and son is always connected to mother.

6. This movie deals with mending relationships with the help of social media. What kind of effect do you think social media has on relationships today?
I am experiencing it now myself. It has a major impact for sure. You do get addicted to it. But I think the best part is you are in straight contact with everyone, from heart to heart. I don’t the wring or right way of handling social media. If you can just avoid getting into the bad thing about social media.

7. Any memorable incident while shooting this film?
Everyday was quite memorable for me. Especially the first day, when Leena wasn’t shooting with me and I went on set and I was nervous like a cat. I was running around and just blabbering. Everyone had to tell me just go home, relax. I was very nervous.

8. What’s next?
I get up every morning and pray that I get a call soon. I am just waiting that something good happens.

1. Your favourite movie: Aviator
2. Favourite Actor: Ayushmann Khurrana
3. Favourite Actress: Jennifer Anniston and Deepika Padukone
4. A web-series you are currently hooked to: Versalles
5. The last book you read: Murakami
6. Last movie you cried in: Badhaai Ho
7. Celebrity Crush: Deepika Padukone
8. 3 things people don’t know about you
a) I love sugarcane juice
b) I’m a Polo player
c) I cry sometimes
9. An actor/actress you would like to be on a deserted island with: Deepika Padukone/ Aparshakti Khurrana
10. A rumour you want to spread about yourself: He is totally not available and has got 20 films in his hand right now.

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