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Akshun’s Endearment For Acting And Dance Room Over Research Labs

Akshun’s Endearment For Acting And Dance Room Over Research Labs

Akshun Abhimanyu was born in New Delhi, India. His mother is a doctor and his father is a scientist. He grew up surrounded with theatrical actors and dancers by attending workshops at the National School Of Drama while focusing on science at the mainstream in high school. After completing his International Baccalaureate, he moved to Germany to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. His passion for acting and dancing continued throughout his college at Jacobs University, Germany. His first major production “I, Van Gogh, (2012)” won many appraisals. He worked simultaneously with the Bremen theater and renown musical theater artists in Hamburg, Germany to do theatrical shows.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Akshun and my name is derived in Sanskrit to the state of being “complete”. It is very important for me to complete every goal and task that’s in my hand. I think, as I grew up I truly understood the meaning of my name and ever since been trying to stand up to it. I am currently living in Los Angeles and have been working in Production of Content as an Actor, Dancer, and Writer. My journey started in New Delhi, India and followed on to Germany. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biotechnology and then pursued my true calling to work in the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood. I realized through the years that I would spend long hours at the theater space and the dance room over the Research labs.

Seven Rounds an incredible short film. Why did you name it seven rounds?

Thank you for your kind words. People will have to watch this film to understand the true meaning of it. I can definitely point out the core reason that “Seven Rounds” of the gun were fired in the incident that changed the fate and life of people in that bar and many others who were attached to them. It was an inspiration that how each round fired was leading to catastrophe in the lives of many people affected. With the constant violence with arms in the United States, this title was relevant and was agreed by all during the creative production.

Why are short films so popular?
I would want to blame the “average attention span” in contemporary times. However, I strongly believe short films are gaining momentum due to the changing format in the way we view, acquire and absorb content. The audience wants to constantly view creative concepts on a regular basis during their daytime, thus having short films as a constant source of entertainment without taking too much time is an ideal combination. Many important stories and issues are now being spread through ultra-short films ( 2- 5 min) and constantly being forwarded around. I believe with changing times, these movies will be a major platform for commercial marketing of products.

What made you decide to work on such a sensitive subject?
I have always been motivated to find truthfulness in my art of performing. I was fortunate to be able to work on a project that I completely felt connected with as I personally faced situations of racism and bigotry. The use of film and storytelling has given me a voice to speak about “sensitive” social issues and I am fortunate to have this journey as an artist that allows me to reach the audience and masses and target such topics.

Do you think film and television have a direct effect in changing society?
I believe that films are a reflection of reality and vice versa. Films and TV have always been a source of inspiration, the idea of falling in love and fashion for the masses. With the changing society, I truly believe that TV has had a major impact on the lives of people in various parts of the world. Especially the role of an Actor has been integral in shaping the idea of heroism and villainous acts.

You are a Producer, Writer, Actor, and Dancer. Which is your favorite one?

I would be biased and say that being an “Actor” has taught me the true essence of living in the moment. Although its hard to choose one of them as a favorite, I would say being an Actor allows me to play the roles of producer/writer and dancer in front of the camera: D.

What are the five apps you use most on your phone?
That’s a tricky question. However I would say based on the screen time on my iPhone tells me that I use the following Apps the most: Instagram, YT music, Google Maps, LinkedIn and Podcasts.

What do you think of today’s Bollywood film industry?
The Bollywood film industry has been changing drastically over the years, especially in the last decade. I am a big fan of “art house” films, however, in the past few years, the Bollywood movies have shown a tremendous change in its trajectory. Films are dealing with contemporary social issues in the Indian subcontinent with a commercial strategy. Films like “Vicky Donor, Pad man, and many others” have a strong commercial cast but with a strong focus on the issues faced in society. I believe the audience for Bollywood film industry is also maturing as per minute and the idea of heroism is changing. It’s important that in an audience of more than a billion people, the idea to raise awareness while making films should be strongly embedded. The increase in female filmmakers and producers in the Indian Cinema has also been essential to voice issues bilaterally.

Life is a…
The rhythm of beats, learn to dance with it 😀

What is a regular day for you?
I start my day at 7 AM and then it continues with some time to meditate and then have a long shower where I think of all the roles that I am about to play. My day involves multiple roles currently. I am a student at UCLA studying Entertainment Business and interning at David and Goliath (Spinach Productions). I continue to develop my craft as an Actor and Dancer and working toward my upcoming projects such as the TV series of “Seven Rounds”, a feature film “Third Time Lucky” and other music videos. I am currently preparing for the pilot season in spring 2019 and for other Commercial projects. I get done with my evening lectures around 10 PM and then spend some quality time writing and working on my scripts until I fall asleep. I like to work late at night, however working in Commercial creative agencies requires constant active participation, thus I have been trying to be more punctual with my timings.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself as an Actor known to be making movies that are socially engaging yet commercial. I am working towards becoming A lead Actor with a regular TV series on an international platform such as Netflix, Amazon, and others. I would like to head my own production company that would function in South Asia and the United States and would be working majorly towards the distribution of independent films to the various outlets. I am confident that with the growing demand and need for entertainment, it will be important to develop a strong methodology for international films to find the right place for being viewed.

Some words for your audience…
Live your life like there is no tomorrow, but leave enough balance to Uber back home 🙂

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