Posted on November 6, 2018 at 6:31 am

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Top 10 Badass Characters Portrayed By Women In Bollywood

Not all female characters written in Bollywood are meant only to run around trees or keep the Karvachauth fast for their husband’s long and prosperous life. Some female characters are meant to break the social shackles and prosper on their own.


Just like these Wonder Women off-screen, we were lucky to see superhero female characters on screen too in Bollywood. Have a look:


  1. Mother India:


Nargis Dutt who played a doting mother was forced to kill her son in order to stop him from abducting a woman.



  1. Khoon Bhari Maang:


Rekha plays a widow who is betrayed for wealth in a gruesome way. She returns to take revenge from her wrong-doer by getting him to fall for her before leaving him to the same fate he had left her.



  1. Bandit Queen:


Seema Biswas, Phoolan Devi, who belongs to a lower caste, faces sexual abuse and discrimination in society. A turn of events leads to her becoming the revered leader of a gang.



  1. No One Killed Jessica:


Rani Mukherjee who plays a journalist fights for justice in the Jessica Lal’s murder case along Jessica’s sister played by Vidya Balan.



  1. Mardaani:


Rani Mukherjee plays a cop who fights against human trafficking.


  1. Neerja:


Sonam Kapoor plays a 22 Y.O. brave air-hostess who saves a bunch of passengers during a hijack but sacrifices her life while doing that.



  1. English Vinglish:


Sridevi plays a doting stay-at-home mother who loves making ladoos and then learns to English to bridge the gap between her and her English-speaking family.



  1. Queen:


Kangana Ranaut plays Rani a.k.a Queen who goes on a solo honeymoon after she’s being dumped on her wedding day. On her trip with loads of memories, she also finds her pride and self-respect.



  1. MOM:


A step-mom played by Sridevi fighting for the justice of her daughter who gets sexually harassed.



  1. Secret Superstar:


A young girl with big dreams fights against her orthodox father to become a singer and at the same time helps her mother free herself from an abusive relationship with her husband.



Which female character are you inspired by the most? Write down in the comments below J

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