Posted on November 15, 2018 at 7:24 am

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How To Look Good In Leather Pants

Winter is almost here and it’s time to change your wardrobe from those summer and rainy clothes. People mostly prefer wearing cute hoodies, sweater tops, boots, jeans and mainly who are fashion-forward would love to wear leather pants.


Leather pants with its good cut and fit can give you a stylish look. As the fabric tends to stick to the body, it suits more on slim and fit women. (Chubby women too can wear it if they are comfortable)


Being just slim does not qualify you to slide into a pair of leather pants. You ought to know how to pair up a suitable top that compliments the pants, and the right footwear as well. Don’t worry we are here to guide you.


Which colour(s) leather pants?

Your leather pants need not necessarily be black; you can experiment with other colours as well. If you have skinny legs, wear bright coloured leather pants to flaunt it. But black coloured leather pants can be the best option to hide the extra flesh on your thighs.


Pair it with a suitable top

For the tops, you can opt for contrast textures with fabrics like cotton and wool. You can also sport a casual tee with a jacket to don a cool chic look or become biker babe. Picking up a black or neutral-coloured blazer can be a sensible match for the outfit. You can even wear a long top on it. You can also don a formal shirt with it for your office look.


Right footwear

You can either opt for flats or pumps to suit the outfit. Even closed heels look good on it. So if you love wearing heels you can go for it too.


Appropriate accessories

Girls who love wearing accessories this advice is mainly for you. It is advisable to not accessorize much when wearing leather pants because you might end up overdoing the whole look.

If you are sporting a jacket along with the outfit, wear only earrings; and, if you are wearing only a casual tee along with the leather pants, you can wear a simple long chain with a pendant and matching earrings. Do not overdo it. You can wear a hat with it for a cool look.


So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a pair of leather pants or jeggings and flaunt your sexy legs this Winter. 😉

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