Posted on November 15, 2018 at 11:17 am

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Having A Bad Hair Day? Try These Tips

All girls go through those days when our hair just doesn’t seem right. Bad hair days can be nightmarish too, especially if you have to attend a meeting or have to go to work.


Sometimes you just don’t feel like taking your own sweet time to get ready but you still want to look pretty without trying.


So for those Bad Hair Days, we have got for you some easy tips to look good without doing much.


  1. French twisted up-do:


A little bit of twisting and wrapping your hair will give you this gorgeous French style twisted up-do that looks super chic.



  1. Messy high bun:


When it comes to fixing bad hair days, nothing beats the bun. So, of course, this messy high bun had to make it to this list.



  1. Slick it back:


Change your look in less than a minute to a glamorous slicked-back ponytail!



  1. Twisted side bun:


If your hair won’t stay in place the second or third day after you washed it, try this quick and easy twisted side bun.



  1. Barbie French Braided Bangs:


Separate your bangs and make a single loop of a normal braid, that’s it.



  1. Basic Double Knot:


Tie the top section of your hair at the crown into a half ponytail, using a transparent hair elastic. Then take the hair from both sides of your head and make a basic knot right on top of the hair elastic.



  1. Criss-Cross Half-Do:


This simple criss-cross half-up updo would look great for any special occasion including prom, weddings, or galas.



  1. Knotted bun:


The elegant knotted bun that looks like it took hours to make but it is not so 😉



So now you don’t have to worry when you have a bad hair day 😁

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