Posted on November 21, 2018 at 10:04 am

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Fans Of Sanjay Khan Go In Deep Regarding Zeenat Aman’s Issue

Best Mistakes of My Life by Sanjay Khan has already created ripples after its launch and gone on to become the top sellers on Amazon. The book details Kahn’s life experiences and stories behind the man himself, but a certain section of people have tried to put the actor and book down by saying that Khan has not reported the most infamous incident regarding Zeenat Aman properly and alleging him of wrongdoing.

Sanjay Khan
Sanjay Khan

Ardent fans of Sanjay Khan have responded to these allegations by a well-documented research proving that the incident involving Mr Sanjay Khan was false and a blatant lie.

In a series of photographic evidence which is also available in the media loyal fans prove that the same has been carried out malign the image of Sanjay Khan.


The images indicate that there was no evidence of damage to Zeenat Aman’s eyes. The research also suggests that they spoke to make up artists of those times and were informed that they didn’t have to do anything extra for the makeup which clearly indicates it was false news.


Lastly, the research also revealed that Zeenat Aman’s mother Scindia Heinz was suffering from Strabismus a medical term of a squint, a condition where the eyes point in different directions. The family image is a proof that she inherited Strabismus from her mother.


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It is shocking that even after so many years Sanjay Khan is being penalized for something which he has not done. The actor in his recent book has tried to clear the story from his side but certain people with vested interest are not letting it go by and are trying to penalise him and his book for a crime which he didn’t commit.

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