Posted on October 14, 2018 at 2:52 pm

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Vicks #TouchofCare debuts a “One in a Million” Star, Nisha Lobo

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Vicks brings Nisha Lobo’s story alive in their #TouchOfCare Campaign

Family brand Vicks has launched the second edition of #TouchOfCare. This campaign went viral last year. Vicks has shared a new inspiring ‘One in a Million’ story. The story focuses on a young girl named Nisha Lobo. Nisha has Ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin condition. The transformation of Nisha due to the love and care provided by her adoptive parents Aloma and David Lobo, forms the crux of this digital video.

Touch of Care spreads the idea that ‘Every Child Deserves the Touch of Care.’ Created by Publicis Singapore, Nisha’s story is narrated by the young girl herself. She was an orphan who was abandoned at the age of two weeks. Aloma and David Lobo opened their hearts by adopting her while having kids of their own. The inspiring young girl was showered with love and care.

The film shares Nisha’s story and the challenges she faced within her life. It shows how Nisha leads her own life filled with hopes, dreams and challenges.

Furthermore, Nisha’s story and the response thereof has overwhelmed her adoptive parents, so the protagonist of the #TouchofCare film added:

“We are delighted that Nisha’s story is part of the globally acclaimed Vicks #TouchOfCare campaign. Our daughter’s story could not have been told in a nicer way, and we do hope that the millions of people who see the Vicks #TouchOfCare film, are motivated to give unconditional love and care to vulnerable people, who need it the most.”

Gauri Sawant, the Vicks #TouchofCare Mom and Transgender Activist from the first season similarly shared her thoughts:

Vicks’ initiative of showcasing and supporting people who are representing extraordinary care in this world, is a source of hope for the world. I am personally overwhelmed with Nisha’s story. I am confident that people will shower her with the same love and affection that was given to me.”

Vicks – One in a Million #TouchOfCare sends out a strong message of how every child deserves the touch of care, irrespective of gender, color or challenges. The campaign illustrates this with data on the abysmal levels of adoption of children with special needs.  We are so glad that there are people like Nisha who are brave enough to share their stories with us!

Directed by Anand Gandhi, The Vicks – One in a million digital film is live from 10th October, 2018. Likewise, it is led by 2020 MSL and Mediacom respectively.

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