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UA Exclusive | Karan Wahi: But I Will Always Say That Television Is Something That Has Given Me Everything

We at UrbanAsian recently met the cast of Hungama Play’s third web series – Bar Code. We got a chance to get up close and have an interesting chat with the leading for Akshay Oberoi, Karan Wahi, Parina Chopra and Simran Kaur Mundi.

Karan Wahi Parina Chopra at the launch of Hungama origina Bar Code
Karan Wahi and Parina Chopra

In our exclusive chat Karana and Parina, the stars spoke about the web series, how they came on board the show, their director, co-stars and more. Read on to know all they spoke about.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation with Bar Code actors Karan Wahi and Parina Chopra:

1. How did you come onboard Bar Code?
Karan: I know Abhishek, my producer, he’s a friend of mine. So we were just – I was doing television and I did a casting thing with him, so we were just chilling. So basically I’ve known Abhishek for a few years and I was doing television extensively and every time I’ll bump into him we would talk about things – what are you doing and what not. So one fine party I still remember he told me I have one something that I think you should do come and meet the director. You have not done something like this every, I’ve never seen you in a role like that. But let the director meet you and see, let him take a call. Are you ok with it? I was like of course, of course.

He was completely doing films so I went and met Vignesh – in my tattered bits. I just landed there, I thought he wants to meet me – he’s like come lets chill, you can meet the director also. So I went, luckily the clothes and the kinda I was I think that’s why he thought I was apt to play the role. Vignesh said, he narrated me the concept and said that he wants me on board and he thinks I can play the part. And that’s how I was cast. There were no couches involved in the casting

Parina: Toh mai in me se kisko nahi janti pehle se. Mai sirf Karan ko janti thi wo bhi Karan came into the picture later. Generally, like another audition I had I went for the audition and somehow these guys liked my audition. So muje yeh role mila hai only on the basis of my audition that I’ve given. So, I’m very happy I got on board because of my audition and there was nothing else involved. So that’s how I got Bar Code.

2. How was your rapport with each other, your chemistry, sharing screen space?
Karan: It was fun. Like I’ve not know Parina for ages, I’ve known Parina for a few years, on and odd. She’s also from Delhi, so when you find someone from the same area you have more things to talk about and I think that’s how we hit it up. We would got to the same gym in Bombay, we would meet on and off. It’s more comfortable (to work) with the people you already know, also considering the kind of scenes we had…

Parina: Toh humara relationship bhi dikhaya gaya hai joh ek live-in relationship hai, you can’t show that much comfort level kissi unknown ke saath…

Karan: It’s easier to do it with somebody you know cause there is that certain bond…

Parina: You can talk about things together…

Karan: There is chemistry you already have and it gets easier. Even if Parina and I wouldn’t have known each other eventually at the end of it it’s your job so you would have done it but I think it is easier when you know that somebody – especially if you have intimate scenes. Intimacy is something – especially the physical intimacy – is not easy to actually be comfortable in your skin all the time. So when you know the other person, when you chill out with them it gets easy.

3. How was it working with Akshay and Simran
Karan: Great ya! I think (it was great working with) all three of them. I worked the maximum with her (Parina) and this guy who’s playing my brother Mickey. Akshay and I have like the least scenes (together). We shot twice together, and I think it also worked for the show because on the show we are not on talking terms. So what happens is, when you don’t spend much time together at work you anyways don’t get pally, so it works for your show as a whole.

Kabhi kabhi kya hota tha, log kehte the ki aap saath mai kaam nahi kar rahe the par shoot toh kar rahe the na, I was like we are not even shooting together. Because it’s about two clubs – his club shooting was a different club, my club shooting was a different club – so we would not even bump into each other like that.

So the only two days – I think it is the first episode that we have a scene and in the middle we have a scene together and in the last we have a scene together.

Parina: But somehow humara show itna time tak chala ki hum sab ka aacha bond ban gaya be it like Simran-Akshay. We’ve chilled also together, so it was a pretty good cast.

Karan: It was fun. I know Simran for 10 years now. Simran I know from before Simran became Miss India before Simran came to Bombay. I again didn’t have a scene with Simran in the show

Parina: Entire show there’s just that one scene.

Karan: But you still have a scene na. You don’t have a scene?

Parina: No I have only that one scene – that Goa scene.

Karan: The Goa scene in the first episode is the only scene that I had (with her). I had more scenes with other characters like those playing my brother, my friends, my club people, her (Parina), my house people. So I think all in all it also very difficult to shoot like that and put it together and make it look seamless. And I think the credit goes to the director.

4. How was it working with the director, Jignesh?
Karan: Pain. But I think he gets the best out of you. It’s good because sometimes you become complacent in life, and specially – I’ll talk about myself – when you’ve done a little work in life you tend to become complacent, kyuki aapko who complacency aa jati hai ki muje pata hai, I know what I am doing. So somebody like him is very important who can push you even when you don’t know why he is pushing you. And that’s what resonates on-screen.

Parina: Mere saath workshops hote thi before a scene, ki scenes kaise karne hai wagera wagera, and with other characters also, he made sure I got pally with my other characters also and not just the lead. Jab tak unhe who scene nahi mil jata, jab tak unhe woh shot nahi mil jata, expressions, feel, emotions sabh nahi mil jate — he won’t go ahead.

I remember there was one scene with Akshay and I in a club, where it got all shot and after 2 days he said we will shoot it again. So I see the dedication that he really wants the product to come out in the best way.

5. Any memorable Navratri memory?
Karan: Yaar, Navratri as a child, the only two memories I have are the last two days. Naave din pe woh halwa, puri aur chane khane mai maaza aata hai.

Parina: Muje bhi. Who halwa-puri khana aacha lagta hai.

Karan: Mai sabh khata hu. Mai Bhagwan mai manta hu, par har rooz manta hu. I don’t need 9 days of vegetarian food to prove I believe in God.

6. Plans for Navratri
Karan: I will be doing events. I’m making money.

Parina: Nothing

7. What’s next
Karan: After Bar Code, I’m doing a travel show – can’t name the platform. Then I’m doing a show with ALTBalaji, then I guess Hungama is giving me another show (laugh).

Parina: I’m looking forward to getting more of web series and film. Because at the moment I’m not stepping into television that much cause then you don’t get that much time. I’m doing a lot of commercials now.

8. Karan, you’ve done television, web series and film – which do you find most comfortable?
Karan: I love all three, that’s why I’ve done all three. See if I name it wouldn’t be right. But I will always say that television is something that has given me everything, Agar TV nahi hota, toh film bhi nahi hote aur web bhi nahi mere liye. But I think ki agar meri woh (TV) nahi hota toh kuch nahi hota. So I think my want to work on a different platform and my want to experiment with different things – not thinking if this will work or not work – I think (that) has got me to do so many things. I can’t differentiate between the three mediums because they work completely differently and they give you satisfaction. All three are sacred – and I’m not playing any games.

Bar Code is written and directed by Vignesh Shetty and produced by Sanjeev Lamba, Abhishek Pathak, Neeraj Roy and Siddhartha Roy. All 10 episodes are now available on the Hungama Play app and its associated apps.

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