Posted on October 11, 2018 at 10:18 am

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UA Exclusive| Abhishek Dogra: When you have a cast like Govinda and Varun Sharma, you should only attempt comedy

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After making us go LOL with Dolly Ki Doli, Abhishek Dogra is back with another comedy film FryDay starring the talented Govinda and our Choocha, Varun Sharma.

Abhishek Dogra
Abhishek Dogra

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Abhishek Dogra, who was in all praise of his actor Govinda and why he loves to do comedy movies.


Read it all out here:


  1. How fun was it working with Govinda?


Obviously it’s a dream come true. We had a ball on the set. He is such a hard-working actor. His energy is so infectious, his smile is so infectious that it felt like a picnic on the set all the time. Most of the film is inside the house, so the entire cast of the film was in splits all the time. So it was great working with him and I want to work more with him in the future.


  1. Is Govinda a director’s actor?


He used to improvise a lot. He is not only known for his facial expressions. He talks from his head till toe. His hands, legs everything act. So he does a lot of improvisation for the good. He understands the scene very well, he imbibes it and then he gives us the options that this is what you have written, this is what I can do and this is what I can also do. He gives a lot of variations. His every take would be different and commendable. It would be so difficult for me to choose which scene to take while editing.


  1. Is FryDay an out and out comedy movie?


There are emotions also. Since there is a family involved in the film, so there is emotion also. More or else it’s a full entertainment movie. 90% of it is comedy.


  1. Is it more convenient to do comedy movies?


No. It is actually very tough to do comedy films. A comedy genre for an actor and a director is very difficult. You need to have good knack of comic timings, dialogues, treatment. I think comedy is the most difficult genre but I enjoy doing comedy because I think it is very light and there is too much of stress in our life. When you have a cast like Govinda and Varun Sharma, you should only attempt comedy.



  1. A funny/memorable incident that happened on set.


There were so many funny incidents. I always keep saying that Varun is Punjabi, Govinda Sir is a Punjabi, both love to eat, both love to dance, and both are fond of sharing jokes, so all the time was like a picnic on the set. If we were not laughing in the scene then we used to start laughing after the scene on some or the other thing.


Actually, there was a scene where we had to take more than 25 takes because it was such a funny scene that as soon as Govinda used to say something, he himself used to start laughing. Varun and the other characters also used to start laughing in the scene. It was around 10-10:30pm and everyone wanted to go home, and this scene was taking a lot of time but instead of getting irritated the entire crew was in splits.


  1. One good and one bad quality about Varun.


No bad quality. I don’t wanna die by saying this. (Laughs). Good quality are lots. One of them is that he is a very intelligent character, which people don’t think he is. He is very sharp, when it comes to picking up scenes, dialect, character, he is very very smart. He can be smarter than the biggest of biggest people in the industry.


  1. One good and one bad quality about Govinda.


I don’t wanna die by saying bad quality. (Laughs) Good quality are many. The biggest is his hard work. The kind of hard work he does, we also cannot do it. And there is so much to learn from him. He always wanted to give more takes by saying that I can do better than this.


He can’t sit at one place. I remember in between the takes he used to take a jog. We were technically in a farmhouse for 30 days, so there was a huge lawn in the farmhouse. So as soon as his take used to get over, he used to say I will go and take a round and come and when I used to ask him you have just given your take are you not tired, he used to say no.


  1. What’s next?


There are a couple of things. One I have locked is a romantic comedy that I want to do. We are still in the casting process. I have signed this film with Chitrangda Singh’s company.



Presented by Inbox Pictures Pvt Ltd, Produced by Sajid Qureshi and Co-Produced by PVR Pictures. FRYDAY is directed by Abhishek Dogra and will release on 12th October 2018.