Posted on October 15, 2018 at 6:12 pm

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Surprise Student Traditional Flash Mob at Growel 101 Mall

Traditional Flash Mob Greeting


On 13 October, A special surprise flash mob took place at Growel 101 Mall! Visitors were able to witness a special performance.

Forty students from the Children’s Academy School in Kandavali East made quite a show on the day! The students performed a beautiful dance to surprise visitors in the mall.

Tradition being a part of their dance. The students danced to a traditional song from Madhya Pradesh due to the program being part of a Madhya Pradesh Tourism Project. The project aimed at highlighting the unique culture and  similarly, the tradition of the state.

The flash mob had everyone staring. Visitors watched every step and enjoyed the animated music. Cheers took place by the visitors as everyone had a great time rather soaking in the culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Vikas Shetty, Head of the Mall shared his excitement on the program:

“We were delighted to have the students from Children’s Academy put up this special performance in our mall. The dance gave a glimpse into the culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh. We are also thankful to MP Tourism for making this event possible.”

Filled with colours, killer dance moves and such beautiful attire. The students surely knew how to get an audience on their feet. Likewise, the audience felt like they were performing with the students. It was an amazing idea!


What a way to unite culture and visitors. It is a good way to learn more about foreign traditions and become one with the culture. We all spend off days going to the mall but imagine getting to learn at the mall.

Learning can happen through text books, Google and even documentaries. This was a sure way of bringing people from different backgrounds together and teaching them ways to experience something new! It’s an experience worth remembering in the future!

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