Posted on October 24, 2018 at 7:35 am

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Different Ways To Drape Your Saree This Diwali

As soon as Navratri started everyone in India jumped with joy because it is the start of the festive season. After Navratri comes Dussehra then Karva Chauth, then Diwali, followed by Christmas and New Year. This the time and month for loads of shopping, cleaning, dressing up, having fun and mainly, spending time with ones loved and dear ones.


Women love to dress up in Diwali especially in a saree. So today UrbanAsian gives you few different style tips to drape your saree and look different than the rest.


  1. Bengali style:

In Bengali style saree, the saree’s pallu plays an important role. It has to have a thick border. If you wanna show off your sexy back or the back of your blouse, this style is perfect for it.



  1. Belted style:

This look is to be worn like a normal saree but all you need more for this tyle is a statement belt to cinch your waist. It adds a modern and edgy flair to the average saree look.


  1. Butterfly style:

If you want to flaunt your figure then this is the best way to wear your saree. Seen on most Bollywood celebrities today, this sexy saree style is a non-bulky and modern take on saree draping. Just pleat the top part of your pallu into a thin column after creating a fan-like, butterfly shape at the lower part of the pallu. Another variation of this involves pleating the pallu into a single column, which goes across the torso.


This is how you do it:


  1. Dhoti style:

This saree draping style is gaining a lot of popularity amongst fashionistas and is something unique and elegant.


Here’s how it is done:


  1. Mumtaz style:

Well, this look will never fade away or die. The retro look. This style was made famous by actress Mumtaz, and is a great party look if you love a sexy chiffon saree with a blingy border.


This is how you can wear it:


  1. Gujarati style:

This style is the favourite among all the ladies, especially Gujarati. This traditional style of draping a saree brings out the rich work in heavy sarees, like kanjeevarams or banarasis.



  1. Nauvari style:

This saree draping style is distinguished by its unusual draping pattern which necessitates it being worn around the legs like a dhoti while the upper part is worn like a normal saree.



  1. Half Saree:

Usually, the garment of half saree is woven with cotton or silk. The half saree outfit can look similar to southern styles of saree because the drape travels in the same direction: tucked into the front of the skirt, then wrapped around the waist, and then draped over the opposite shoulder.




So which saree are you gonna wear this season?

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