Posted on October 30, 2018 at 8:28 pm

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Asha Bhosle True Epitome Of Grace: Sherrin Varghese

Asha Bhosle True Epitome Of Grace: Sherrin Varghese

Asha Bhosle is truly an epitome of grace: Sherrin Varghese. Sherrin Varghese is back with yet another bang with none other than the iconic nightingale of Indian music industry, Asha Bhosle. Popularly known for his work with India’s first boy band – A Band Of Boys, Sherrin along with his band members will be seen in a new duet starring Asha Bhosle.

In a recent communication, we approached Sherrin about his experience of working with the legendary voice, Asha Bhosle and guess usual, he was all praise for her. He said, “Working with her is a privilege. Only the best have had the opportunity and I feel completely stoked to even stand in her graceful vocal presence. It’s as if she froze after 65 and has been like that for the past 15 years and who’d believe she’s 80 plus. The woman is a classic beauty and a benchmark for aspiring Bollywood singers in India”.

For everything said true to the core about Asha Ji, we anticipate this song is really gonna be the next classic jam to bring a great end to the year. And for those who aren’t aware of this, Asha Bhosle is Sherrin’s band mate’s (Chintoo Bhosle) grandmother and by virtue of that like a mother mentor to all of the members.

Whereas Sherrin and the band are known for their evergreen songs like Gori, Meri Neend, Nain Katari (making us groove like anything). Asha Bhosle is the voice behind the most popular songs such as Chura Liya Hai Tumne, In Aankhon Ki Masti, Dum Maro Dum and many more. All that awaits is the magical fusion now.

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