Posted on September 10, 2018 at 6:36 am

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Laila Majnu: Gear up for a fun interview with the cast | UA Exclusive

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After giving us amazing movies like Tamasha, Jab We Met and many more Imtiaz Ali is back to present us with an amazing love story Laila Majnu.

Laila Majnu
Laila Majnu

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview the talented debutants Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri of Laila Majnu who spoke about the movie and shared few Exclusive things 😉

P.S. Check out the fun game “Have You Ever” played by the cast.

Check out the interview here:

Laila Majnu is presented by Imtiaz Ali, directed by Sajid Ali and produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures and Preety Ali’s PI films. The movie is already in theatres!

Taking the leap out of classic folklore of star-crossed lovers Layla and Majnun, the story is set in today’s time in Kashmir where Laila and Majnu have problems relevant to the youth of today. While dealing with their feuding families a passionate love story unravels. Laila, shown as a girl living in her own fantasy world, always dreaming of a ‘special’ person in her life, has an encounter with Qais (Majnu) on a fateful night when she secretly left her house to pray in a graveyard for meeting her loved one. Qais and his friends track her down till Laila finally gives her mobile number to him. The story advances to the romantic intimacy between the leads, against the background of rivalry between their families. News of their romance soon becomes the talk of the town, which eventually reaches the family of Laila and her father warns her to stay away from the person of such a bad reputation. Despite the warning, Laila continues seeing Qais and finally gets caught red-handed. Laila is forcefully married off to Ibban, who is politically supporting her father.

Heartbroken Qais leaves the town while Laila battles domestic violence with her husband. On meeting each other after 4 years, Laila and Qais are gripped by a desire to stay together. Laila’s husband passes away which opens the door to the reunion, but Laila is asked to stay away from Qais till Iddat of one month.

However, things take ugly turn when Qais elopes into the mountains after being tired of waiting. He soon gets struck by Sufism and realizes that he doesn’t need Laila to complete his love. Laila also realizes that Qais doesn’t need her anymore. She ends her life soon after which Qais dies near her grave and the lovers are seen reunited after death.

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