Posted on August 20, 2018 at 6:58 am

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Debutant Avinash Tiwary Camped In The Woods To Prep For Hafiz Hafiz From Laila Majnu

Actor Avinash Tiwary, who is all set to debut in Laila Majnu, has already given us a glimpse of his impressive acting prowess in the trailer. It is pretty evident that the young actor has worked hard to portray this multi-layered character, who for centuries now, is synonymous with the madness of love.

Avinash Tiwary in Laila Majnu
Avinash Tiwary as Majnu in Laila Majnu

Avinash not only went through an intense physical transformation – he shed about 12kgs in a short span of 17 days – but also left no stone unturned to actually get into the skin of his character.

Majnu believes in intense love – a love which is not ordinary but passionate and beyond anyone’s imagination. To understand the depth and intensity of Majnu, Avinash decided to spend a few days in complete seclusion, away from the rest of the world.

So, while all cast and crew were staying in a hotel, Avinash opted to camp in the woods – in the freezing cold of Kashmir so as to find the soul of Majnu and channel it into his performance.

While camping and moving around into the woods, he was, in fact, being called paagal and crazy by the villagers.

Says Avinash,

“Majnu’s love for Laila cannot really be described by mere words. There is something very spiritual about his love and I was not going to get that kind of intensity unless I lived it. I had to connect with his soul. So, I camped out in the woods all alone for days to understand and prepare for this character.”

Well, looking at the rave response, the song Hafiz Hafiz has been getting, we can say that his effort has certainly paid off.

Laila Majnu is presented by Imtiaz Ali, directed by Sajid Ali and produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures and Preety Ali’s Pi Films. The film is set to release on September 7, 2018.