Posted on August 14, 2018 at 10:13 pm

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Amit Trivedi: I Find The Trend Of Re-Creating Old Songs Very Lame

Recently, we caught up with the music composer Amit Trivedi for an EXCLUSIVE Interview over the phone. The talented music composer/singer spoke about his inspirations for music, the recreation of old songs, Helicopter Eela and much more.

Amit Trivedi
Amit Trivedi

Read on to know all that Amit Trivedi has to say:

1. What is the process you go through when you compose music?
A director. He is the captain of the ship, he narrates the story and he gives the script. I read the script and sometimes he shares his vision on what kind of music he wants, what kind of songs, what kind of feelings he wants, and the situations. So according to the situations, the process of composition starts.

2. What’s your inspiration?
The inspirations come from the factors. The situations only inspire.

3. Are you very self-critical?
Of course, I am.

4. Tell us about your journey from Dev D to Helicopter Eela.
Its been a rollercoaster, its been a beautiful journey. I’ve got a lot of love from the audience. Also a lot of hatred also, but all is taken into stride a beautiful journey. I love the work that I do. I always look forward to doing something new and special every day.

5. How was your experience composing for Helicopter Eela?
The experience was great. It was a beautiful experience. It’s the first time I have worked with Pradeep Sarkar, Ajay Devgn Sir and Kajol Maám. This is my first film with them, it was beautiful – they were really warm, kind and lovely people to work with. And I had a blast with them. I had fun.

6. Did you compose any songs keeping Kajol in mind?
Kajol plays a singer in the film, she is a singer. So, we had to keep that voice in mind. So, we found this singer – Palomi Ghosh, who exactly sounds like Kajol when she is talking. She is a singer and actress also. So dada found her and introduced me to her.
So I recorded two songs. A song called Almari. Almari is a song that’s pictured on Kajol where she is lip-syncing to it. There are two versions in the film and both are sung by Palomi. It sounds so beautiful on screen, it sounds like Kajol is singing.

7. What’s your take on re-composing/re-creating old songs which is now a trend in Bollywood?
Hey Bhagwan- every time this question comes up.
I don’t like it. I don’t like the trend. I find it very lame. But the audience like it, so kya kare. Janta jab tak accept karegi, it will keep happening.

8. Do you think the trend will continue?
Depends on the audience. They are still hooked to Dilbar. Dilbar is still on the number one spot. So this trend will continue till the audience wants it to stop. Makers will keep making – dhanda ho raha hai.

9. Which was your toughest composition?
It is really difficult. I enjoy composing. Every film has its challenges. Every film that I take up and start working on it, I find it tough and how I will do it. But at the same time its fun also.

But I can’t pinpoint a single song.

10. According to you which is the best song or album you’ve composed?
None. Cause all are my favourite. I don’t discriminate. I am proud of each and every work that I have done so far.

11. You have always added a folk factor in all of your albums, what’s the reason behind it?
Not every album, maybe the majority. Everything comes from the situation. If the situation demands, if it is set in a certain style, if a director has a good vision, then only I get into that zone, otherwise not every song has that. There is no specific reason for folk.

12. Is there any particular music genre you want to experiment with like Broadway or Opera?
I would like to. I have never done a Broadway.

13. What’s next?
Eela is on 7th and Manmarziyaan is on 14th. And then there is Andhadhun with Sriram Raghavan, and then a Dhanush film.

Helicopter Eela starring Kajol and Riddhi Sen hits cinemas on 7th September.