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Rajat Batta Aka Rocky’s Trajectory In The World Of Dance

Well Renowed Choreographer Rajat Batta Aka Rocky’s Trajectory In The World Of Dance

Rajat Batta has been dancing since he was born, it’s something that has become a part of his identity. Rajat Rocky Batta is a young passionate artist and choreographer based out in Los Angeles, California. He is most known for winning a title on ZeeTv’s Dance India Dance North America Season 1 in 2013. Today, he is a Bollywood choreographer and director for his dance company – RRB Dance Company. He is also CEO and Founder of BollyLearn. Rajat had moved to the US at the age of four with his parents. Passionate about dancing, he started training for Bollywood at age Five.

Rajat Batta says,

It’s my form of expression and has allowed me to experience the most amazing memories of my life. Today, I am blessed enough to be passing on that knowledge to my students and share that passion that I inhabit while dancing. It’s to a point where I can’t imagine my life without dancing involved. My dance experience includes founding my own dance company, RRB Dance Company. I have over 16 years of training, specializing in Bollywood and Hip-hop. I have had amazing opportunities to work with incredible artists in both Hollywood and Bollywood. This includes choreography for Statefarm Commerical, Cricket All-Star Game at the Dodger Stadium, and Dance India Dance North America Season 2. I’ve also had the pleasure of performing on platforms such as IIFA Awards, Dance India Dance, Just Dance, and winning Dance India Dance North America Season 1.

In an interview Rajat shares some amazing moments about his journey.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you originally from?
Rajat: I was Born in Ludhiana, Punjab and moved to California when I was 4 years old.

How did you got into dancing and at what age?
Rajat: I have been dancing since the day I was born. It is something I have always loved, and have pictures and videos of me as a toddler dancing. My mom coming to the US put me in dance training from the moment I was allowed to attend an academy.

Tell us about your training as a Kathak/Bollywood Dancer. You think Kathak/Bollywood dance helped you to further advance in the dancing career?
Rajat: I started with Bollywood training when I was 5 years old. I have been in love with Bollywood dancing ever since. I really am grateful for being able to grow up close to Los Angeles, California exposed me to a variety of training. Being able to learn Hip-hop and Bollywood, really helped shape me as a fusion choreographer with both Hollywood and Bollywood foundation training.

You have been worked with the top choreographer as Geeta Kapoor, Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Sir, Terence Lewis and Feroz Khan. Tell us more about your experience with them.
Rajat: Oh man, working with your idols, is a feeling that can’t be described. Honestly, It still doesn’t hit me that I have had the opportunity to work with them. These choreographers have been such a huge part in shaping my dance career and being such a large influence as I have grown up. Being able to work with them is just a blessing all around. All of these choreographers are such great human beings. They work really hard for their craft and having the ability to work with them really allowed me to have a first-hand experience of what they do. I really am humbled by it, and strive to pass on the same influence to the younger generations as they have had on me.

What are some little-known facts about yourself that you would want to share?
Rajat: I love acting just as much as I do dancing. The largest reasons I prefer Bollywood Dancing over any other dance style is because of the strong influence of acting technique required. My ultimate dream is to become a Bollywood actor 🙂

Tell us your experience Dance India Dance and other shows pertaining to yourself.
Rajat: DID has been a game changer in my life. After winning the US version, so many doors of opportunities opened up. I was able to perform internationally, share my art with thousands of people, perform on massive platforms, and meet amazing people. I owe a lot of it to Dance India Dance.

What is the most challenging dancing routine you have followed?
Rajat: I love a challenging dance routine! My favorite feeling is being the worst dancer in the room. To this day I always believe in being a student, and still take classes regularly. One time, in particular, was after winning DID and performing worldwide. I wanted to further my training and decided to take on gymnastics. This isn’t exactly pertaining to dance, but since I was such a beginner I was put into a classroom full of 8-year-olds 😛 That was hands down the most challenging skill I have followed.

Share your most memorable experience at RRB Dance Company?
Rajat: As cliche as this sounds, I have so many memorable experiences at RRB Dance Company. Every class is an adventure. One of the most memorable moment for me is personally just the love and pride I see in my parent’s eyes when they walk into the studio and are greeted by everyone. They have done so much for my brother and me, giving back to them gives me the most happiness.

What keeps you motivated and keeps you both going? Who is your inspiration?
Rajat: Seeing the “switch” turn on for the students. I love it when kids walk into studios because their parents are forcing them to take a dance class and watch them transform into individuals who won’t miss a single day of dance and swear by it on a daily basis. Teaching really is the most fulfilling experience I have as a dance director. My biggest inspiration is and always be my big brother. I have yet to meet someone as pure, genuine, and hardworking as him. He has made me who I am today, and I look up to him for guidance and motivation to keep moving forward.

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