Posted on July 5, 2018 at 6:26 am

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Madhuri Dixit: Childhood Memories Teach Us Very Important Life Lessons

Colors’ dance reality show Dance Deewane has proved that if one is truly passionate about something, then age cannot be a barrier. The show has left the audience in awe of the amazing performances by talent from different generations. In this weekend’s themed Bachpan special, the entertainment level goes a notch higher.

Madhuri Dixit on the set of Dance Deewane

The contestants had to perform using a prop that brought back a special memory of their childhood. One performance that took everybody by surprise is the aerial act on Illahi by Deenanth Jiç on a bicycle as a prop. Madhuri Dixit feeling overwhelmed by his performance as she could connect this act with her own childhood memory.

Caught up with emotions, Madhuri Dixit said,

“My childhood days are extremely special to me. As a child, I was very fond of riding bicycles.  I always try to get some time to practice riding it. Though the funny part is that I used to crash into bushes but somehow, I managed to learn to ride it and never gave up. Childhood memories teach us very important life lessons and this taught me to always have an undying spirit and never give up.”.

Hence, Madhuri Dixit giving away a very important lesson. Childhood memories are always special and it remains in the special corner of our heart. If you never up even on the toughest task failure after failure. One day you are going to conquer it.

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