Posted on July 26, 2018 at 6:14 am

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5 Things We Knew You Didn’t Pay Attention To In The Homecoming’s Teaser

Just recently Amazon Prime Video released the intriguing teaser for Prime Original, Homecoming. Starring Julia Roberts in the lead, the actress is seen in a smart emerald green dress and rocking bangs.

Check out the teaser of Homecoming here in case you missed it earlier:

The teaser is brimming with symbolism and leaves us with many questions. Here are 5 things from the teaser, we’re sure you’ve missed.

1. The Empty Spaces

The teaser beings with the camera showing us multiple empty spaces in a large building with absolutely no trace of people. From the famed podcast of the same name, we knew that Heidi Bergman, essayed by Roberts, works at a secret government facility that helps soldiers cope with civilian life.

The background score (Everything in its Right Place by Radio Head) adds to the particularly eerie feeling in the teaser. What do these empty spaces signify?

2. Pineapples

Pineapples make multiple appearances in the teaser. You are bound to miss it unless you’re particularly looking out for the pineapples. Our hunch is the pineapples are central to the plot of the show.

3. The Dead Fish

The goldfish in the teaser is shown steadily floating to the top of the tank on its back. What does this mean in the larger scheme of the show’s plot?

4. The Hand

Just when you think, that the teaser has ended, a mysterious hand makes an appearance towards the end of the video. Is someone crying for help? Who is it?

5. Walter

Roberts, who plays the role of a caseworker in the show asks a question looking right at the camera, “Are you Walter?” Who is Walter? And is it his hand on the tank?

Guess we will have to wait until 2nd November 2018 for the show to premiere on Amazon Prime Video to get the answers to this Sam Esmail creation.

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