Posted on June 15, 2018 at 7:52 am

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UA Exclusive| Ayaz Ismail: My Favorite Actor Is Shah Rukh Khan

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Ayaz Ismail is a Music Composer and Singer based in the USA, he has 3 Songs that released on Zee Music. Recently he made the song ‘Wirrd’ which was sung by Javed Ali and his Latest song ‘Ishq Zaat Meri’ was sung by Shaan.

Ayaz Ismail
Ayaz Ismail

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Ayaz Ismail where he spoke about his inspiration and what a big Shah Rukh Khan fan he is and about his upcoming projects.


Read it out here:


  1. How did you come up with the idea Ishq Zaat Meri and Wirrd?

‘Wirdd’ was an instant composition which came one day at 3 am. I was jamming and humming few tunes out, and Wirdd’s melody suddenly came in. Ishq Zaat Meri was constructed around the same time. All my compositions do come around late at night, and I love working around that time due to spiritual enlightenment I must say. Now, both of these compositions were tough to implement because I had to keep in mind that the lyrics were going to be Sufi, but with a modern touch in place. If you take a listen to both of these songs again, it gives you a pop vibe. I had to balance the production out. I had to take myself to the Sufi zone to come up with these compositions. However, its God’s blessings as these compositions come in naturally.


  1. What inspires you to make such music?

Passion is important in any field I must say. I love music and what inspires me the most is bond with people and happiness. We can express ourselves through music and creativity has its edge. Music did change my life, and I respect those who express their emotions through their music. I found happiness in music, and that honestly inspires me.


  1. An actor you would like to sing for?

I have a list. Oh, this a tough question, but my favorite actor is Shah Rukh Khan. I have been a huge fan of his. I know he is a huge fan of music and hopefully one day I would get a chance to sing for him. I would also like to sing for these wonderful personalities such as Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor.


  1. Any plans to compose music for Bollywood movies?

I would love to score for Bollywood Films. I have wanted to score for a film, it’s a dream. Hopefully one day. It’s one of my three dreams.


  1. What are your upcoming projects?

I am releasing a pop song (English) next month hopefully. This is part of my ten song pop album which is all in English. The song is entitled, “cuddle” – yes an interesting name. There might be another surprise, but I’ll hold that for now.

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