Posted on June 21, 2018 at 6:04 am

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Shruti Haasan To Present Director Jayprakash Radhakrishnan’s Next – The Mosquito Philosophy

Known for following her own path, actor Shruti Haasan proves why she’s known as the rule breaker.

Under her production banner Isidro Media, Shruti Haasan is all set to produce and present the latest works of director Jayprakash Radhakrishnan – The Mosquito Philosophy.

Shruti Haasan To Present Director Jayprakash Radhakrishnan's Next - The Mosquito Philosophy

JP has been the man behind one of the most talked-about features titled Lens. Which traveled the festival circuit and created a tremendous buzz around it. All set to raise the bar with his next, JP will showcase a film defined by the idea of minimalism and basic filmmaking and storytelling techniques.

The Tamil film’s story has a universal appeal with a very real scenario at its core. The film shooting begins with a basic storyline – no scripting of dialogues, and bare minimum equipment and crew.

Talking about his film, director JP says,

“Filmmakers the world over have struggled hard to make films that are as close to reality as possible to ensure the art they create connects seamlessly with the audience. The Mosquito Philosophy, born out of the quest to showcase a real life and real time narrative. It is an interrogation of a society caught between the throws of tradition and modernity. Seen through the story of 4 friends. The film’s shooting begin with a basic idea of conversation without scripted dialogues in the most minimalistic way. Through the process of making this film, I realised the power of spontaneity; it makes even the smallest moments alive and truthful”

Shruti Haasan To Present Director Jayprakash Radhakrishnan's Next

Ask him about associating with Shruti Haasan and Isidro Media and he says,

“It’s almost surreal when I think of how this happened. One minute I was talking to Sarikaji about life in general and this film and next thing I know, Isidro Media comes on board to present my film. I’m so happy to have partnered with a team. That believes in my talent my vision and have contributed to being a part of the change in the cinematic language of India and the world. Together we look forward to taking Mosquito Philosophy across the globe and share our journey with audiences the world over.”

Talking about presenting JP’s The Mosquito Philosophy as a producer.

Shruti Haasan says,

“Our belief at Isidro is to present extremely interesting, edgy and different kinds of content. It can be content across various formats just as long as they further the creative process and make it possible for people to experience world-class storytelling. When we see Mosquito Philosophy and after having seen JP’s last works especially his much-acclaimed film Lens, we know we have the right person to associate with. He has a very edgy vision to creatively showcase even the simplest stories. It’s fantastic to work with someone who is courageous in offering new content that challenges conventional thinking. We are really excited to present this film under the Isidro banner. We hope this is the start of a long-term working relationship.”

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