Posted on June 12, 2018 at 7:37 am

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Pankaj Tripathi To Play Hrithik’s Nemesis In Super 30

Pankaj Tripathi who has been super busy working on multiple projects at the same time for the past few months is exploring all kinds of cinema and doesn’t want to limit himself to doing similar kind of roles.

Pankaj Tripathi- Hrithik Roshan
Pankaj Tripathi- Hrithik Roshan

Out of the entire list of movies that Pankaj Tripathi is working on, the most interesting project is going to be Super 30 where he will be seen playing Hrithik Roshan’s nemesis.


Pankaj, after a long hiatus from antihero roles and exploring his tryst with comedy, is returning on screen as a villain.


Pankaj will be seen sharing screen space with Roshan Jr. as a villain for the second time. Earlier, both actors were seen together in the 2012 Karan Malhotra helmed film, Agneepath, which saw Pankaj playing the sidekick of Sanjay Dutt’s dreaded Kaancha Cheena. In Super 30, Pankaj will be seen playing the main antagonist opposite Hrithik’s character of the notable Indian mathematician, Anand Kumar.


There is talk that Pankaj’s character will be far scarier and has undergone a complete makeover to support his role.


Speaking of his role and acting with Hrithik for the second time, Pankaj said:

“My character in Super 30 is negative with a very quirky sense of humour to him. The character has a lot of spontaneity and it was a lot of fun playing him due to that very spontaneity. Working with Hrithik is always a great experience because he is a brilliant actor and an equally superb human being. And owing to the fact that I know Hrithik and we have worked together in the past there’s a comfort level that we share. So it’s always an enjoyable experience working with him.”

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