Posted on June 5, 2018 at 9:24 pm

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Mrs. India Earth Shweta A Chaudhary set to represent India in USA!

Mrs. India Earth Shweta A Chaudhary is making huge leaps on behalf of married Indian women across the globe. The philanthropist, entrepreneur and fashion icon is currently in Los Angeles representing India in a Global Beauty Pageant. In a heart to heart with Urban Asian she disclosed her journey as a model, how she feels about her title and the role of Indian women in the global market. Here’s what she has to say.

Tell us a bit about your childhood. Did you always want to pursue modeling as a career or it was just a hobby?

I was studious. Yes I always wanted to be a supper model. My father wanted me to take part in beauty pageant and represent at global platform. 

You were crowned ‘Mrs India Earth’ last year. How did that feel?

Oh I was on cloud nine. The title and the respect which comes along with it was my father’s dream. Having achieved this was a tribute to him. The moment I wore the crown only thing I could see was my late father’s face in front me. 

What’s your idea of beauty?

For me real Beauty is inner beauty because your face reflects what you feel inside. Beauty with purpose is my idea of being beautiful.

How important do you think fashion is as a means of self expression?

Yes fashion is very important and one medium to self expression. One should keep update herself or himself with the changing time, But I won’t restrict my self expressions to only clothes. I have other big platform to express my views on different issues.

You are a mother, a wife and a career woman, how do you maintain a balance in all these roles so effectively and do justice to every one of them?

Yes and believe me it’s but a very easy job to handle everything. Time management is my mantra and part from that support from my family specially from my husband and then everything is manageable. To that I would like to say, if we as married women would get half as support from anywhere as being single, we can achieve twice as much on the global platform. The media tends to shy away from the Mrs. India title for the simple reason that audiences still feel that our place is in a kitchen and a kitchen alone. I request everyone who can support a married woman in terms of anything they should come forward. Common we are just married and mothers it doesn’t mean that we lost the talent we have in ourselves. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a model? 

I come from a very small city I started my career as an actor and a model almost 14 years back and believe me it was not easy. Shifting to Mumbai was a biggest challenge. But I have been very fortunate that my parents were very supportive of my decision of getting into this field. Now when I restarted my carter again as a model I got full support from my husband and in laws .

Do you derive inspiration from the traditional dressing of the country?

Oh yes I love traditional outfits. I feel I look my best when I wear a sari. It inspires me to keep myself gathered in any situations while still being flexible and free flowing.

Given a chance which one thing would you want to change in your personal and professional life?

I would not change any thing in my personal life as whatever I am today as a person because of the situation I faced in my life. Even I am very content in my professional life too . Yes but I still want support from the people so we married women can fulfilled there dreams too. 

Who’s your inspiration? 
My inspiration is my mother. As after I lost my father in very early age, it was my mother who stepped into my father’s shoes and taught us that how to held your head high in any situation.

What are your upcoming plans?

Most important thing right now is Mrs.Earth contest which is happening as we speak. Following this event, I would like to give more time to a career in acting. A few projects are in the works but I’m waiting on official announcements from the production houses.

How would you describe yourself?

Shweta is made of her experience and believe in courage and kindness. Kid like zeal and a warrior like dedication. 


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