Posted on June 26, 2018 at 1:35 pm

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Mahayoddha Rama : Contiloe Pictures Wins The Gold For The Best CG Feature Film

Contiloe Pictures has added another feather to its cap after becoming the Gold Winner of the best CG Feature Film at the Delhi Animation Awards. They won this award for Mahayoddha Rama movie on 22nd June 2018.

Mahayoddha Rama
Mahayoddha Rama

The DCG animation is a platform for industry and education in the media and entertainment sector. The story revolves around the epic story of Mahayoddha Rama – The Great Indian Hero versus Ravana. Although the greatest villain of Indian mythology. Portrayed like never before in an animated movie.

Abhimanyu Singh, CEO, Contiloe Pictures said,

“Our first 3D animated movie, magnum opus. ‘Mahayoddha Rama’ bagged Gold under CG Feature Film (Professional Category) at Delhi CG Animation Award 2018. Thank you so much to entire team and our fans. Mahayoddha Rama is unique in its storytelling style. Our humble effort to depict Shri Rama in a new light. The entire story is from Ravana’s point of view with his 10 heads talking to each other.” Our aim as a company is to constantly evolve and grow. Meanwhile, we are always trying to diversify our content, take our technology a notch higher. Winning in the best animation category only makes us feel proud and we’d like to thank Delhi CG Animation for this recognition.”

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