Posted on June 30, 2018 at 1:29 pm

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Chitrangda Singh: Mai Mar Jaungi, If I Produce And Direct (A Film)

Chitrangda Singh: Mai Mar Jaungi, If I Produce And Direct (A Film)

We met up with actress-turned-producer Chitrangda Singh this Friday. The actress spoke on the length about Soorma and the reason why she decided to become a producer, especially with this biopic. She also opened up about her absence from Bollywood and how Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu were cast as the leads.

Chitrangda Singh

When asked about becoming a producer and the challenges she faced as one, she said:

“I have so much respect for producers after doing this. It’s not about the money, but I think its about the…patience and the amount you want to believe in you project and take it through no matter what. Every single day there would be some issue or the other, about something or the other and you still have to keep going with it…you know -its handling people, managing people – I never thought it would be so difficult, but really, I think in a creative field more than any where else, people come with certain opinions and to get the right kind of people onboard for your project, I think that probably is the most difficult thing.”

Taking about how she decided to become a producer for Soorma, she said:

“When I met Sandeep (Singh) – it was in December in 2014, I think – and I heard his story, and I wrote it down, you know. I met him a couple of times – start to finish and I realized how powerful his story was and how important it was to make it.”

She continued,

“Not just because it would transform cinematically beautifully, but also because ek bohut important message yeh ki jo guilt hoti hai. The amount of shame I felt when I heard his story – that I don’t know of this man at all.”

She further said,

“It wasn’t because I wanted to become a producer that I found the film, I think I have to give credit to this film and this story that a collateral I became a producer.”

When asked if she would be likely directing a film in the near future she said,

“(Laugh) Mai mar jaungi, if I produce and direct. No, no, no, that’s too far ya.”

She continued

“As different production is from acting, direction is as different.”

On the work front the trailer of Chitrangda’s Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3 released today. Also, all episodes of her Netflix series Sacred Games will be available on the portal on 6th July 2018.

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