Posted on June 1, 2018 at 7:37 am

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Arunoday Singh Takes To Parkour In Alt Balaji’s Apharan

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Arunoday Singh is definitely multi-talented. He can act, sing, write, paint, sketch, cuddle with puppies and he knows how to jump around like Spiderman. Arunoday took to social media to post an update from the sets of Alt Balaji’s Apharan which is being shot in Rishikesh. The actor was seen doing some Parkour.

Arunoday Singh
Arunoday Singh

Arunoday plays a cop turned criminal in the series that is being directed by Siddhartha Sengupta. The actor has been prepping hard for the film by interacting with cops to understand their body language and has been studying some cop films as well.

Apart from taking beautiful pictures of the holy place, Arunoday recently posted about him doing Parkour for the role. He had to jump from building to building and was then followed by over 10 kids because they couldn’t believe someone could jump like that. The role requires a few scenes where Arunoday’s flexibility is being put to the test. But it seems like the Blackmail star has come out with flying colours.

When asked about his parkour stint, he said,

“So the parkour sequence utilized some basic jumps and vaults that I’ve been doing since I was in middle school. I got a school letter (award) for gymnastics. I know I don’t look like I can move that fast or agilely, but I can. So, for Apharan I’m working with an action director I’ve worked with before – Amar Shetty. He’s been setting up sequences knowing what I’m capable of. It’s been great fun leaping about the alleys and rooftops of Rishikesh.”

We cannot wait to see how the scenes turn out.

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