Posted on June 9, 2018 at 2:27 pm

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Ankur Tewari Music Director Of Album Bachcha Party Inspired From Life

Ankur Tewari Music Director Of Music Album Bachcha Party Inspired Is From Life.

Ankur Tewari a music director recently released his album “Bachcha Party”. Born into a family of engineers and teachers, Ankur Tewari decided to do hotel management and graduated from IHM Bhopal. Almost immediately, he switched to music and theatre.

In an interview, Ankur reveals more about his passion for

Let’s begin with a little bit about yourself

I am a music producer, writer, an actor, director.

Who would you say is your inspiration for your love of music, and why?

My Inspiration is everything around me. There are different instances/experiences in life that inspire me to write music. It’s not just someone or something there are multiple inspirations.

Ankur, how did you begin writing songs? How long does it usually takes to write a song?
I started writing music at a very early age. Writing a song can take years, it can take months and sometimes it takes even 20 mins. It depends on the flow of creativity and the inspirations for the song. It also depends on what the song is about.

What was your first job out of high school?
My first job out of high school was in hotel management. I waited tables for some time. This led me to then start singing in a restaurant.

Ankur, tell us a little bit about your recent album “Bachcha Party”.
All songs under Bachcha Party are based on themes that are a part of a child’s day-to-day life. I really want to thank Sony Music India because when I had the idea for one song. They said we can do an entire series of 7 songs. The idea of one song turned into 7 only because of Sony Music.

The first song on the album is Mera Sunday. It is a song that’s about children wanting to reclaim their Sundays to do “absolutely their own thing”.
Some of the other songs featured in Bachcha Party are:

A aa E ee (Alphabet song, how alphabets form the basis of all words)
Samajh Samajh Ke (Riddle song, about questions kids ask)
Nikka Shararti (About a naughty kid who lies, but we don’t know if he is the liar or if it’s life around him that’s the lie)
Oopar Chadke Neeche Aa (Opposites song, with lyrics by actor Ranvir Shorey, who penned this song for his 4-year-old son)
Hocus Pocus (Career song, what kids could do when they grow up)
Homework Aadha (Homework song, the woes children have the homework they get, and what they’d rather be doing instead)

What inspired you for children music?

My nieces and nephews inspired me to write children’s music. I used to sing for them at home every day and they really loved it. They wouldn’t let me leave without a song. I have also held workshops for children. I believe the feedback children give is more real than that of what I normally receive. It’s a different, more honest feedback. There is really something special about it.

What inspires you to write love songs/ Most of your music is love music. What is love for you? Have you ever had a heartbreak? Share.

Like everyone I have been in love, I have had heartbreak. I have lived a very normal life that has had a lot of ups and downs. Just like everyone else I derive the inspiration from these moments.

Do you ever feel brain dead as a songwriter? What is your way out?
Yes, every writer experiences writer’s block. You just change the way you frame the question you’re trying to get answered until you get the perfect answer and then the song will flow.

At what age you wrote your first song?
I wrote my first song at the age of around 14-15. This is when I was in the 9th grade.

Who is your personal favorite singer and songwriter?
I really like Bob Dylan. He is one of my favorite singer-songwriters

Some words for your fans…
I really want to thank all of you for supporting me. Please check out Bachcha party. Keep listening to my music, keep sharing it and spreading the love.

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