Posted on May 25, 2018 at 11:22 am

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UA Exclusive | Mohan Kapoor: If You Ask Me Whether Digital Platform Plays An Important Role, Of Course, It Does

Known as the host of television game show, Saanp Seedi, Mohan Kapoor has given us amazing films like Naam Shabana, Jolly LLB and many TV shows like Sumit Sambhal Lega, Everest and many more. He is all set for his next Table No 5 with ZEE5.

Mohan Kapoor
Mohan Kapoor

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview Mohan Kapoor. He spoke about his character in Table No 5 and also gave us a reality check on how each and every medium is important for an actor.


Read out to find out all Mohan Kapoor had to say:


1)            Can you tell us something about your character in Table No 5?


Without giving too much away, my character is somebody who has come for a meeting with somebody and whose a great artist and I happen to bump into somebody who is a fan of the same artist and then there is a very interesting discussion that we have and by the end of it one is left pretty much stunned.


2)            How was it working with ZEE5?


It has been brilliant because of the whole concept they have brought in and to be approached for this story was a privilege. It is always good to work with people who are always trying something new and ZEE5 is doing something new. It is a good experience for me. And from all the projects I have done this one is also close to my heart.


3)            You have worked before with Namit Das so how was it working with him again?


Working with him again was also another feather in the cap. It was a total delight. In fact when they narrated it to me, the story and then he told me about my co-actor then I had all tick for saying yes to this project. It was a total win-win situation for me. It was a fabulous experience.


4)            Is it easy to work with someone whom you have already worked with?


Yes! Familiarity always helps and you get to learn also. Even though I have worked with Namit, he has bought up something new in Table No 5.


5)            Do digital platforms play an important role in the life of artists now-a-days?


Many many many years ago Amitabh Bachchan was signed on to host Kaun Banega Crorepati, somebody called me and asked me, ‘Sir you are the person who launched hosting in Saanp Seedi so how does it feel after so many years a legend is coming to host a show?’ So I said ‘you should be asking him how it feels.’ I said look you people categorize us, but at the end of the day, we are performers. I am a 360 as a performer – from theatre to television to cinema to digital platform. If you ask me whether digital platform plays an important role, of course, it does. Online, Live shows everything is. An actor lives to work. Everything that I have done has helped me. The more is less for an actor.


6)            What kind of roles challenge you the most?


To be quiet honest, roles that I haven’t done yet. Directors tell me you like a polished educated rich guy so we tend to cast you in that but as an actor I know I can do other stuff. Till the time the person doesn’t show faith in me, I can’t play that. I have done a very interesting real character in Tum Hi, because of censors it hasn’t been released yet. So people are saying that everyone will start noticing me more after watching this film, so I have kept my fingers crossed and waiting for the film’s release.


7)            What’s next?


Currently I am working on a daily show, Savitri Devi College & Hospital. It comes at 6:30pm, Monday to Saturday and I am doing a web series with Sudhir Mishra, I have just completed a film with the Deol’s- Dharemndra, Bobby and Sunny and there are two more films that are about to start and also there are few web series that have been offered but I am not getting time to do it but I hope that they don’t go away from me.