Posted on April 20, 2018 at 11:32 am

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UA Exclusive| Taricka Bhatia: Mika Singh Is Quite Stern And Strict When It Comes To Work

Singer Taricka Bhatia who is a finance student and has also studied fashion and is a certified wedding planner, has been the female lead vocalist for Mika Singh for the past 6 and a half years.

Taricka Bhatia
Taricka Bhatia

UrbanAsian got a chance to interview the talented singer Taricka Bhatia who spoke about her song Hulle Hullare which has been produced by Mika Singh himself and also how it is working with Mika.


Read out to find out more about her:


  1. How did your collaboration with Mika Singh happen in Hulle Hullare?

I have known Mika since long time. I have been doing stage shows with him and it so happened that I wanted to release my own single, so he asked me the kind of song I wanted to do so I said him like a party song and he said ok let’s go ahead with it and that is how this collaboration happen.


  1. How was it working with Mika Singh professionally?

It’s really nice. He is a very fun person to be with, in general. He is quite stern and strict when it comes to work. He is not like how he is generally with people having fun and all. He is but not when it comes to work. He is very particular about his work and he wants certain things to be done in a certain way and we listen to him because he is quite experienced. He is good to be with.


  1. Any memorable incident that you want to share that happened while recording the song?

We were using the old tune for Hulle Hullare so we changed it all together and we thought let’s make it a new one and give it a new fresh song ka taste. We didn’t change the main line we just changed the composition of Hulle Hullare. People actually tell me that they love this new version more.


  1. What kind of songs do you personally love to listen to?

I love to listen to a lot soulful stuff. I really love to listen to coke studio and a lot of other stuff too but when it comes to performing I have been following Mika’s footsteps so I love performing dancing tracks for audiences. But I love to listen to nice soft music.


  1. You are a wedding planner, fashion student, Finance student as well as a singer. So what’s next?

I wanna keep continuing with my music always. Though my mom is into music she has always said that education should be given priority. So the next thing that has stuck in my head is that I haven’t done my MBA so I am planning to do that.


  1. Any plans on getting into acting?

I was always open to acting. Honestly speaking I got a few offers also for South and Hindi but Mika always told me that just don’t keep your feet in two places. Career wise if you wanna do acting then do only acting if you wanna do music then concentrate on music only.  Your concentration will get spilt. I am not too established as a singer so I need to give time to my music hence I chose music currently.


  1. Any particular actress you wanna sing for?

Alia Bhatt.


  1. What’s next?

I am planning on releasing a few more singles and I also wanna keep doing cover songs. I have recorded a cover for the old song Gulabi Aankhein so I will be releasing that soon.