Posted on April 17, 2018 at 7:54 am

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Director Umesh Shukla Envisaged A Colorful Environment For Badumbaaa

Crooned by the dynamic veterans, Badumbaaa is Rishi Kapoor’s debut at playback. It’s a peppy and lively composition and the video comprises of a colorful set which has been fashioned in a way to match up with the vibrancy of the song. In less than a week, the entire street was created at a studio in Mumbai to establish the playfulness and you can’t agree to it anymore!


Director Umesh Shukla envisaged a colorful environment with flamboyant décor and a bunch of young crowd dancing around. Talking about his vision of a set, Umesh said:

“We wanted to create a lively set for Badumbaaa. This vivacious number reflects the movie’s spirit and the characters, hence, we wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere for it.”


The movie boasts of a magnetic star-cast with Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor paired up after 27 years for a film and the director goes on praising his fortune. The veterans share an inimitable equation off-screen and their chemistry worked like a charm for the director.


Commenting on their real-life equation, Umesh said:

“They have worked together in several films in the past and share a great camaraderie. So I never had to worry about the chemistry. When you see them perform in front of the camera, it’s like magic. They make even toughest of the scenes look effortless.”


Based on Saumya Joshi’s famous Gujarati play, 102 Not Out convincingly brings a unique father-son bond to the forefront.


The script holds a strong and powerful story and therefore, for the director to convince the duo for the project wasn’t much of a task. Talking about the script, Umesh added:

“Both gave their nod within 10 minutes of hearing the script. The most gratifying experience was that they never disrespected me or took me for granted. They added their expertise and experience to enhance our film. It’s a blessing to work with the two legends.”


A Sony Pictures Releasing International Presentation and worldwide distribution- 102 Not Out is produced by SPE Films India, Treetop Entertainment and Umesh Shukla’s Benchmark Pictures. The film releases worldwide on 4th May 2018.