Posted on April 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

Bollywood Entertainment

Vinay Pathak: Small Budget Movies Don’t Do Well In Cinema Theaters

The makers of Khajoor Pe Atke released the trailer of the film today.

The entire team was present at the trailer launch. Director Harsh Chhaya hosted the entire event himself.


At the trailer launch, a journalist asked Vinay Pathak that in spite of being so good small budget movies don’t do well.


To this, he said that there is this thing about small budget films, people don’t watch it in a theater. People prefer watching it on A CD or by downloading it. Small budget movies don’t do well in theaters. We work very hard to make these films also. The entire team works hard.


Even actress Seema Bhargava said that Khajoor Pe Atke is a very nice movie. It is a request to all of you to please come and watch it.


In case you have missed, check out the trailer of the movie again here: