Posted on March 9, 2018 at 1:43 pm

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Sushant Kumar: Start Empowering Women In Villages First

We just celebrated Women’s Day and producer Sushant Kumar has a very important message for all.

Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar

The producer who is known for his show Badho Bahu, says that women need to be empowered at the grassroots. Villages need to be targeted first.

He says,

“When we talk about women empowerment, people tend to get confused between the literal and figurative meaning of it. I keep hearing many debates about women equality but fail to understand one thing, Why is our focus not on educating village women because they are the ones who need to be empowered. If those women are strong, our country will automatically progress.”

However, the producer adds that TV needs to show stronger characters.

“We are still stuck in the saas-bahu era. The depiction of a woman is kind of regressive in Indian TV soaps rather than progressive. Every time, we try to make a show where the female lead is strong or I should say, doesn’t shed tears constantly, TRPs goes down. I seriously don’t know why our audience like watching ‘Rona Dhona’ on TV, on the other hand, we talk about girl power and strong women. I guess this depiction of a woman needs to be changed,” she says.

However, the says that this is slowly changing,

“Since the last 2-3 years, I have been noticing that our female characters are going bold in terms of look. They are no more clad in saaris and heavy jewellery all the time.”