Posted on March 20, 2018 at 4:59 am

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Suniel Shetty To Play The Lead In Aurous Avatar’s Production Nanhe Einsteins

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Actor Suniel Shetty has been roped-in to play the lead role in Aurous Avatar Entertainment’s film Nanhe Einsteins.

Suniel Shetty
Suniel Shetty

To be released this year, Nanhe Einsteins is a children-based movie. The movie is made with the best technical expert team.


The script writer and creative producer of the film is Saiwyn Quadras.


Rohit Shetty, Director, Aurous Avatar Entertainment, announced:

“We are thrilled to announce seasoned actor Suniel Shetty as the protagonist of our movie Nanhe Einstein. Since the conception of the story we had only Suniel Shetty in mind to play the role of Principal Anthony.  We know he will do full justice to the role. We are excited to partner with such an amazing and talented actor like Mr. Shetty. With this movie we hope to address a pertinent issue in our society and education system where importance is only given to grades which is conceived as a valid measure to success.”


Talking about his role, Suniel Shetty said:

“The character is that of an orphan boy, who is adopted. He goes on to become the principal of a high-end school. The movie basically says that if given an opportunity, everyone can make it. The education system is only about ‘X’ grades and the kind of students in school, but where do the rest go? But again, it’s not a preachy film. It talks about education, class differences, but in a very fun manner.”