Posted on March 28, 2018 at 7:06 am

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Sumeet Vyas Took Anecdotes From Nucleya For His Next

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Actor Sumeet Vyas who got famous from TVF’s Permanent Roommates and Tripling is all set for his next release High Jack releasing next month.

High Jack
High Jack

This would be Sumeet Vyas’s second film as a lead actor post Ribbon with Kalki Koechlin where his performance was critically appreciated. High Jack would be India’s first trippy stoner comedy as claimed by the makers of the film.


The film also stars Sonnalli Seygall, Kumud Mishra, Mantra amongst others in a pivotal role. It has been directed by Akarsh Khurana,  Sumeet’s co-writer from Tripling. Sumeet, as reported, is playing the character of a DJ who has some madcap scenes in the film.


This would be the first time he will be playing such a character on screen. To prep for his role as a DJ, Sumeet took anecdotes from one of India’s finest DJs and music composers, Nucleya, who has also composed 3 songs in the film.


Nucleya, as we all know, has his own speciality into EDM and Dubstep which was completely alien to Sumeet. He took some serious music lessons from Nucleya about the genre. He took basic lessons on how a DJ performs during a concert or in the club under high pressure from the audience. He learnt the swag of a DJ from Nucleya in terms of spinning, style, lingos used in the music world and some technicalities of music systems. Sumeet doesn’t want to look fake while performing scenes and wanted to give his best shot hence no one was better than Nucleya who coincidentally was a part of the team.


When asked Sumeet about the lessons from Nucleya he said:

“I keenly observed how he worked on the console, I didn’t want to overdo or go crazy shifting the knobs, Nucleya had specific gestures and hand movements, as his music reaches its crescendo. I’ve tried my best to get that mannerism. He was sweet enough to share his anecdotes on how he prepares his set for a show, when to push the tempo and when to surprise the audience and keep them engaged through the show. To be very honest he’s a master at his craft and I’m just creating an illusion of being a pro at this. I hope I don’t disappoint him.”


We are sure you won’t disappoint us Sumeet J