Posted on March 20, 2018 at 7:02 pm

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Roshni Walia plays the titular role in ‘I Am Banni – A Daughter of Kutch’

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Popularly known as Ajabde from the epic series Maharana Pratap, Roshni Walia has made her name amongst the who’s who of the industry at the tender age of sixteen.

A well known actress and internet sensation, Roshni believes in spreading the message of empowerment as part of her contribution to society. The young star recently played the titular role in ‘I Am Banni — A Daughter of Kutch’. The film focuses on the struggles of a thirteen year old girl who wants to get educated and stands up against gender oppression and cultural negativities. She, along with her friend from Australia and a small band of students, fight against the son of the village sarpanch to re-open a school and push every girl child to study. Based In a village near Bhuj, the story is inspired by real incidents and shows how even in today’s time education is still a gender privilege.

Way to go Roshni! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?