Posted on March 24, 2018 at 9:55 pm

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#MUSIC: Premz and TaZzZ Give us ‘Closure’

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Premz and TaZzZ Give us ‘Closure’

Hailing from South East London, musician Premz has been working on music since the naive age of fourteen. Appearing on many popular radio shows like ‘The Friction Show’ (BBC Asian Network) and ‘The Hew Steven Show’ (BBC Radio One). Despite being in the industry since the age of fourteen, he’s certainly the new kid on the block. It’s no secret that making that making an impact in the music industry is becoming increasingly difficult, but Premz has hit all the right notes focusing on the quality of his sound and carefully constructing his identity in music. I have no doubt in Premz being able to create a niche for himself as his new track Closure – Sun Zara is a well-rounded track that yields emotion. Known for his lyrical ability and work in fusion music, Premz didn’t fail to impress as his abilities certainly shine on this track.

With music by TaZzZ, the duo certainly left us wanting more. Lyrically the song tells a story of a failed romance, citing the stages of a failed relationship and the arrogance that comes with it. Tastefully translating relationship struggles in to music is indeed a rarity in the industry. Closure – Sun Zara is not only smooth but honest. Vocally Premz displays talent in his skills as a rapper as well as sincerity in his voice. The video focuses on aesthetics and gives both Premz an overall cool look. They do the video justice with their portrayal of strong emotions, this is difficult task yet they do it with ease.

Closure – Sun Zara is definitely the tune for your midweek playlist as it’s melodious, addictive and sincere. So if you’re in the mood to reminisce or you’d like something to ease your midweek blues you can download or stream the song here.


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