Posted on February 7, 2018 at 11:22 am

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Musician Raghu Dixit Makes Actor Dhananjaya A Lyricist In His Next Musical – Orchestra

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Raghu Dixit, one of the biggest names in the Indian Music industry, turns music producer for the upcoming movie, Orchestra.

Raghu Dixit
Raghu Dixit

It is a musical about the orchestra culture in Mysore and the dream of a boy who wants to sing in an orchestra. Word on the street is that the music in this musical is his best work in Kannada so far.


Now that’s something to look forward to. He has experimented with the music of this film and turned the leading Actor Dhananjaya into lyricist.


Dhananjaya used to be known for his writings during his theatre days and with Orchestra, he got a chance to go back to writing and gave lyrics to Orchestra’s songs.


Raghu said:

“Dhananjaya has written incredible lyrics. Usually, lyricists write one or two songs in a film, but on his first assignment, Dhananjaya has written lyrics for nine songs. He took his time, but he has nailed it.”


Director Sunil Mysooru first approached Raghu to act in his film, but Raghu chose to do the music instead. And compose he did — all 11 original tracks.


Raghu added:

“Sunil had a brilliant story. He had shot a 20-minute edit of the entire story when he approached me. As a musician, I was really moved after watching it and instantly wanted to be a part of the film. Eventually, the music we made is enough for three films. We have 11 original songs and it is the best music that I have done in Kannada so far.”

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