Posted on February 9, 2018 at 1:36 pm

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Darshan Raval: I Have Faced A Lot Of Embarrassing Moments On Stage

Singer Darshan Raval is back with his latest single, ‘Shab Tum Ho’. In conversation with Urban Asian, he talks about the song, the importance of singles, his embarrassing moments, and a lot more.

Darsan Raval
Darsan Raval

How did you come up with ‘Shab Tum Ho’?

So I wanted to make a melody which people can really hum & people would like to hum. So it all started with a melody, when I started making Shab Tum Ho’s melody & from there on the result is in front of you.


In how many days was the song audio ready?

Normally, things are very different with me. When I start composing a song it might take years for me to complete one single song, like for example ‘Saari ki Saari’ took me three years to complete and sometimes the process is faster when you are in a good mood or things fall into place perfectly. With ‘Shab Tum Ho’, everything was amazing, I got the right people to work with, so things went really fast. But my average song process is five-six months right from composing, writing the lyrics and recording.

You are a singer as well as a composer. Does that help a lot in the overall process?
Well singing really helps me as a composer, because it really helps with the tune. Sometimes a composer, who is not a singer, has a tune in mind & they can’t bring it out as a singer sensibility is needed for that and they can’t do it till a singer sings it. So in my case if I have any tunes in mind, I can sing it & compose it better.

If not a singer & composer, what would you be?
If not a singer or composer, I would really be a photographer or film editor, but also I would have really liked to be a RJ.

Have you faced any embarrassing situation on stage or otherwise?
Yes, I have faced lot of embarrassing moments on stage, and the worst one was very recently when I went for a concert, in front of thousands of people, I literally fell from the stage. So that is one thing I very recently experienced.

What’s the best and worst part of being a singer & composer?
The best and the worst part of being a singer & composer is that as a composer, one really wants to experiment & go all out in making in songs and as a singer you want to do what you love most. So it’s a big dilemma sometimes.

Are singles more impactful than say movie songs?
I wouldn’t say singles, but independent music & independent artists, yes. I think they are more impactful than movie songs, from my point of view because I really love listening to independent music. The fact that the artist wants to make music, he wants to say something through his music, which is amazing. An independent artist connects better with the story he wants to tell and makes fans for lifetime.

What are your future projects?
I am definitely planning to bring an album, which I can’t talk about much but it is coming out this year & I am super excited about it.

Anything else which you want to say?
So before signing off, I really want to say that I am really excited about the release of ‘Shab Tum Ho’. The person from whom I have been taking inspiration to write songs, Sayeed Quadri Sahab, has written the lyrics for the song and it’s like a dream come true. Indie Music Label & Sony Music India, have been very supportive & have given me this platform. The video has come out very good and I would like to tell people to watch this video and please do keep showering me with your love & blessings.

You can listen to “Shab Tum Ho’ below:




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