Posted on February 14, 2018 at 3:52 am

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BCL Is A Good Change From Our Otherwise Heavy, Hectic Schedule: Nalini Negi

Actor Nalini Negi, who will be playing in Anand Mishra and Ekta Kapoor’s MTV BCL this time as part of Goa Sharks, says that the game is a good stress buster. The actor adds that it’s a great change from the regular shows that she does. “It is a good stress buster from your heavy, hectic shooting schedule. Plus, it has a small package of everything which includes entertainment, fun, a good warm up, good competitive spirit and you get to catch up with all your old friends,” she says.

She loves being part of Goa Sharks too, as the team is fairly new. “It is a new team and each player is full of enthusiasm. There is a hunger to win plus there are no politics in the team,” she says.

The actor says that she doesn’t mind taking out time to practice, as it feels like she is working out. “We have been practising for two to three hours every day. If you take it as a good form of workout, you won’t feel like it is eating into your time. Practicing keeps your fitness intact which happens to be an integral part of our profession,” she says.

Nalini says that she is concentrating on performing her best and does not want to let her team down. “The main task and responsibilities are to perform and give my best as a player. BCL will be starting in three days, so we are going to be under a lot of pressure as time is less and we have to practice more,” she says.

Talking about the biggest challenge, Nalini says that it will be to win against Delhi Dragons. “The biggest challenge will be to defeat Delhi Dragons as we all know they have been winning since the past three years. I just hope that the strategy which we have decided to go with should work for us on the playground.”

Cricket has been a big part of Nalini’s life.

“I have been playing cricket since my childhood days. I used to love it and would play every day,” she says, adding, “My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli because he is a youth icon which I hope to be someday.”