Posted on February 8, 2018 at 8:22 am

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Arhaan Khan: Badho Bahu Has Made Me A Prominent Face On Television

Arhaan Khan, who plays Rana in Badho Bahu, says that the show has made a huge difference in his career. The actor adds that the show has got him a lot of recognition.

Arhaan Khan
Arhaan Khan

Badho Bahu has given me a lot of exposure in terms of visibility. It has made me a prominent face in the Indian television industry. This, in turn, has won me a lot of fans.”

Talking about his character, he says,

“Rana is a family man and is deeply rooted as well as committed to his career. He is a lot like me in real life.”

Arhaan has been simultaneously doing films in the south as well. He feels that it has helped him get to the position he is at today.

“Balancing between the south industry and television has brought me where I am today. I’m in eternal gratitude, hence the plan is to continue to do great work in alternate cinema.”

Arhaan says that it’s great fun to work with the team of Badho Bahu.

“Our entire team of Badho Bahu has now has become one big family and our producers are great motivators. They are extremely appreciative of the work we put in.”

When asked what he feels is important to succeed on TV, this is his answer,

“The most important thing one needs for a successful television career is the ability to connect with our fans via the roles we essay.”

When asked about his idol, Arhaan says,

“I idolise Salman Khan simply for being human. He is one of the best actors in the industry and is so genuine,” he says.

Badho Bahu is a Dipti Kalwani’s (Sunny Side Up), Teenna Swayyam and Sushant Kumar’s (Hum Tum Telefilms) production. It airs on &TV.

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