Posted on January 16, 2018 at 1:27 am

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Saurabh Pandey And Wife Celebrate First Lohri In Mumbai!

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This Lohri is extra special for actor Saurabh Pandey as he will be spending it with his newly wed wife Zara. The actor says that the festival has always help a special meaning for him and his family.

“Lohri is a very old, traditional festival and holds a lot of importance especially in Punjab and for Punjabi people. The main reason it is so because Lohri is followed by Makar Sankranti, the next day. This is the actual New Year as per ancient Hindu culture,” he says.

The actor adds, “It is very special to a newly wed couple or if there is a new born baby in the family as it’s their first new year togather. This new year is the last ending days of winters and beginning of the green fertile season for new crops. With all this, it’s very special to Zara and me and our families because it’s our first Lohri.”

The couple is in Mumbai today for the festival. “This is also our first Lohri in Mumbai after many years. So it’s very important for us,” he says.

Saurabh has very fond memories of Lohri. “I remember how we used to celebrate Lohri in Delhi. All the people of our mohalla (Area) used to come togather, friends and their families in one common park. We used to burn a bonfire and sing songs, dance around it especially Punjabi songs and traditional Lohri folk songs. We used to put sesame seeds sweets, Jaggery, Peanuts, Chewda etc in the fire. It’s like giving respect and thanks to God and Mother Nature,” he says.

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