Posted on January 5, 2018 at 2:30 pm

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Priyamvada Kant: My look in Tenalirama is my favourite look so far

Actor Priyamvada Kant, who is the lead actor in Tenalirama, says that she loves her look in the show. In fact, the actor adds that she has been told that she is looking her best in the show.

Priyamvada Kant
Priyamvada Kant

“I absolutely love my look on the show! It’s nothing like what I’ve done before. I can’t believe I could look like this. It’s my favorite look so far. Something I’d never get a chance to dress like had I not been an actor.”

Check out some pictures of Priyamvada Kant here:

She adds,

“I’ve been told this is the best I’ve looked so far. I have been complimented a lot for this role. The look is really different from all historical shows. It’s minimalistic. Less jewelry and simple hair. Which keeps my character lively and vibrant. A lot of people have made paintings of me and sent. I’m really flattered. As an actor, you have to keep doing new things and keep exploring. Shows like Tenalirama don’t get made every day. So I’m enjoying doing this for now.”

Now that she has been associated with the show for a while, she gets ready rather quickly.

“I’ve come up with a lot of hacks for my look. So I get ready really fast. I’m actually the fastest one to get ready on the sets. My entire production and direction team is really surprised how I manage so well.”

The actor is shooting with Krishna Bhardwaj and says that they bond well on the set.

“It’s like shooting with a childhood friend. We got along from day one. We have a lot of fun shooting, we crack jokes and have laughing fits and I think that transcends in our scenes.”

Ask her if the show ever gets monotonous for her, and she says,

“Every few days we shoot a new story. New problems keep coming for Tenalirama to solve. So there is never a dull moment. It’s an intelligent show which also makes you think, laugh and even drop a tear sometimes.”

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