Posted on January 8, 2018 at 7:51 am

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Ekta Kapoor’s Ted Talks India Speech Will Inspire You!

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TED Talks India Nayi Soch has already created a buzz all over and has been loved by the viewers. The main reason for it to grab such attention is one, of course for its title, “TED Talks” and second, for the handsome and intelligent host, Shah Rukh Khan.

TED Talks India
TED Talks India

Recently, the show was attended by the daily soap queen, Ekta Kapoor, who gave an inspiring speech with a dash of comedy to all of us.  Yes, being a woman in India is not a cake walk, and the speech induced a lot of inspiration, with a hint of difficulty faced by her, by carrying a tag of a star-kid. If you are yet to figure out how to start your year with a motivational track, this one will surely fetch your heart.


Here’s why we loved Ekta Kapoor’s TED Talks India speech:


When she shared her journey from being nothing to something:

We all know how Ekta started her journey as a daily soap director. She had to struggle like any other newbie in the industry. Her dramatic life took a leap, and ever since then, there was no turning back.


When Ekta didn’t stop giving us back to back Punjabi vibes:

While most of her friends were busy making their careers in the industry, Ekta had to struggle with her Punjabi genes, from butter chicken to having an entire denture of sweet teeth, this female made us roll on the floor with hilarity.


When she took a dig at her own success:

Being successful and sustaining it in such a competitive world isn’t an easy job, and Ekta finely took a jab at her own success. Well, what made the team select her for the TED Talks India will leave you with a laughter.


When she stated how TV gave her a lot of opportunities:

Ekta and her serials made a way for women characters and hit the wave of feminism at the time of item songs and objectification of the second sex.


When her Hum Paanch became a huge success:

Someone said it right, success doesn’t come easy. Even Ekta hit the rock-bottom before she tasted the success. Her dad’s faith and her passion to make things happen have brought her so far!



When TV was the only medium of sharing the societal issues:

Digital media is still a new phase in the world of media. TV has existed for a very long time, and Ekta threw light on the concepts of domestic violence, marital rape, health care and much more to raise the voice against.


When sex and sanskaar were the two sides of the same woman:

Ekta faced a lot of criticism on her film Lipstick Under My Burkha, for taking such a bold topic into her wing. Her comeback statement will surely make you feel proud.


Every point raised by Ekta made us realize how the society has changed. The acceptance of woman in this male-dominated world might leave you all puzzled, but this speech is motivational enough to keep yourself going.

Watch the episode to know more about her success.

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