Posted on January 26, 2018 at 2:28 am

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#DogAlert: Akash Dadlani adopts a stray!

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#DogAlert: Akash Dadlani adopts a stray!

Bigg Boss Season 11 contestant Akash Dadlani is extremely fond of dogs, he recently adopted a stray whom he found below his building.

A few days ago when the young rapper was returning home after a recording, he spotted a stray injured close to his residential area. He immediately rushed the dog to a nearby vet and got him treated.


“The poor dog couldn’t walk properly and maybe hadn’t found any food since quiet some days, because he looked malnourished,” said Akash who immediately ran home and bought the dog some food. Ever since that day Akash would play and feed the dog daily.




“I dunno when I got so fond of him that I finally brought him home for good” grinned the young rapper who named the newly adopted ‘Poppy’.

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