Posted on January 4, 2018 at 11:54 am

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Arshi Khan Threatened By Bookies As Rs 900 Crore At Stake On Bigg Boss Winner

In a press statement issued on Thursday in Mumbai, Arshi Khan’s publicist and manager Flynn Remedios alleged that a Girgaum-bookie called both of them and threatened them not to support Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan. Arshi Khan also took to Twitter to state the same. She tweeted:

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Arshi Khan has been getting calls from unknown numbers over the last 3 days. In the past too, she was threatened by bookies during an India-Pak World Cup match and had to file a police complaint in this regard.


She has submitted a written complaint to the police in this regard today.


As reported by several news portals, over Rs 900 crore is riding on the Bigg Boss finale in mid-January in the underground satta market.  A media outlet has even gone to the extent of claiming that Shilpa Shinde will lose as the bookies are manipulating the voting process online. Arshi Khan in her eviction interviews had already stated that Vikas Gupta may be the winner. It looks like Arshi Khan may have had some “inside information”.


Some of the main points of this huge, underground betting racket are as follows:


Bookies want Shilpa Shinde to lose as they will earn huge profits. Most of the betters are betting on Shilpa Shinde winning the finale and if she loses, of course the bookies will make a hell lot of money.


According to controversial and bold actress Mahima Singh Puri who posted on her Twitter handle @iMahimaSP today, the rates offered by bookies in India are as follows:

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

A report on Zoom says that Vikas Gupta will be the winner, post an interview of recently evicted contestant Arshi Khan. However, this recent tweet made a shocking revelation, possibly proving what Arshi Khan said might be true.


According to an unverified Twitter account, a tweet concerning the Bigg Boss winner has shocked fans and BB11 followers. The tweet stated:

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss

Mahima Singh Puri who is a Bhojpuri actress having done a few bold scenes in a couple of movies, claims that the satta market is totally against Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan winning Bigg Boss 11 as they will lose heavily. Bookies will lose about Rs 800 crore if Shilpa Shinde wins Bigg Boss Season 11, Mahima Singh Puri said.  Tippers and agents claiming to have “inside information” are making a lot of money by giving tips – which is actually equally illegal as taking bets – said that the satta market is favoring Vikas Gupta, but there are 10 days more to go and lot will depend on what will happen in these ten days.


There is talk of Arshi Khan entering Bigg Boss house again. If that happens, the situation will change. But even if she enters the Bigg Boss house now, the makers will not allow her to be part of the finale or winning trio and her entry would only be TRP-based, Mahima Singh Puri explained, adding that the satta operators are very worried about losing a very huge sum of money. Puri who knows a lot of bookies and tippers claimed that 4 bookies in Mumbai alone have over Rs 400 worth of bets on Shilpa Shinde. If she wins, these 4 main bookies will lose at least Rs 200 crore between them. Many actors, models and aspiring actresses are acting as conduits for the bookies and taking bets from their friends in the film industry, she revealed.


Mahima Singh Puri in a startling disclosure revealed that she was approached by two bookies to turn the tide of public demand against Shilpa Shinde, so that the public starts voting for Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta.


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