Posted on January 3, 2018 at 10:16 am

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Ankush Bali Opens Up About Work, Family And Numerology

Actor Ankush Bali, who is part of the show Prithvi Vallabh, is enjoying playing Rasnidhi. The actor says that he is an integral part of the show.

Ankush Bali
Ankush Bali

“In Prithvi Vallabh, I’m playing the role of royal poet, Rasnidhi is my character name. Rasnidhi is the one and only best friend of Prithvi Vallabh. He can do anything for Prithvi and Prithvi also cares about him a lot.”

In fact, Ankush has prepared well for the show.

“I had gained weight for Prithvi Vallabh because when I had gone for look test, I was told to have a paunch for this role and it’s going to give a sweet look as I’m the only comic relief in the show.”

He is the son of veteran actor Arun Bali, however he doesn’t like to reveal this.

“I don’t tell people who my father is because I don’t want to be judged and I don’t want any person to have preconceived notions. But yes once people get to know about my father, they give me respect because of him.”

The actor changed the spelling of his name sometime back, however, he changed it back soon. Talking about it; he says,

“I changed my spelling to Ankkush Baali because I was told by a numerologist. But it didn’t get me any benefits so I kept my name as it was. I believe when it’s your time you will get whatever you want.

The actor was last seen on TV in Beintehaa on Colors. He says,

“After that I did Jai Gangaajal. I have become selective about my work. It’s better to do a good project rather than picking up anything.”

The actor adds that it’s tough to get good work as a character artist.

“It’s difficult because some actors work at a lesser amount and it depends on the kind of work that you’re being offered. Sometimes it is money and sometimes it’s the character that you don’t like. It’s difficult but those who can understand the value of nice actors will cast actors like me.”

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